Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving day

Well children, pack up your bags and let’s get going. It’s time to leave this lovely home that I have been in since June 2006. We are going to a nice new home on WordPress.

I don’t want to say anything bad about BlogSpot, because I’ve had a good time here. Therefore I need to tell you the story of why we are moving.

My favorite youngest children, Jill and Eric, gave me a wonderful present for Christmas. It was my own website which is

Along with the website, Eric designed a new blog which is located at

So therefore today is my last day on blogspot. You will be able to find me by clicking on this link Am I repeating myself?

I have been working on my new blog. It is not completely finished but it’s getting closer. For my thousands of devoted followers, once you go to the new blog (, there is a place to subscribe so that when I write one of my new blogs you will get the notice on email.

I would like to thank BlogSpot for being such a wonderful host and I will see you all on WordPress.

It was a beautiful day today, the temperature was in the upper 30s; you have a beautiful day.

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