Thursday, February 07, 2013

A change of plans

Well if been a long time since I’ve been on here, hasn’t it? I guess that I have just been lazy rather than busy.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to Luverne to see my weaving student, Darlene. If you remember, I mentioned that Darlene had had a stroke so I was re-teaching her how to weave. One of the problems is that she gets frustrated very easily. Another problem is that I warp up the loom differently than she remembers; she does not remember exactly how to do it, she just remembers that I am doing it differently and it confuses her. The other problem is that she used to be a perfectionist. It looks like she still is; each time I get the loom partially ready and then have to leave, Darlene will want to work on it, get frustrated because it’s not what she remembers, and tears everything out.

When I got there yesterday, it had been nearly 6 weeks since I had been there before. Illness on both sides, bad weather and holidays had kept us apart. Darlene had torn out what I had put on the reed and put the warp in a drawer. The warp was messed up, tangled and really rather ugly to look at.

I have been getting frustrated, because it seems like all I am doing is warping up yarn, threading the reed, and then starting over again the next time I’m there.

Darlene’s daughter Jan talked to me as I came in while she was heating up my tea water. Jan and Darlene had talked for a long time, trying to decide exactly what was going to be done. If Darlene stopped lessons and quit trying to weave right now, I would owe approximately $1000 on my loom. I am sure that they did not want me to have to pay for the loom in cash, as the agreement was that I would pay it in lessons. Jan said that she decided she wants to learn how to weave; I think this is partially so that I can continue giving lessons and continue paying for my loom in lessons not money.

So Jan and I talked for quite a while; we took the messed up warp and put it on the reed. I explained that I would be teaching her differently than she had been watching Darlene in the past. I also explained that the warp was tangled but told her to have hope, we would get it straightened up before she started weaving. Jan and I took turns threading the reed then put it on to the loom and started going through the heddles. Jan understands exactly what I showed her, so the next time I go, the heddles should be threaded and we should be ready to roll the warp onto the loom.

This seems to be working out better than I anticipated; we had Darlene go do other things and not watch so that she would not get frustrated because she was not doing it or that I was doing it “wrong.”

As far as what else I’ve been doing, I have slowly been recovering from the cough and working on threading Freya. Now I need to get 2 other looms threaded and one tied and rolled.

Before Christmas, we borrowed a ram from our friend Betty. We will be taking him home tomorrow, which will make our smallest ewe, “Velvet,” very happy. For some reason the ram has been pushing her out of the barn at night. Norm has had to lock her into the nursery pen every night so that she can stay in the barn with the others.

Last Saturday was our monthly “A Stitch in Time” meeting in Storden. We had a few new members which was very pleasant; some of the regulars could not come because the weather was a little “iffy” but they will come again next month. I believe I have mentioned our meetings before. Those who want to learn the older, traditional crafts are all welcome to come. If we can teach, we will. Our newest member, Suzy, is really learning how to knit and learning how to purl.

Last week was a very cold week for Minnesota; here in our area, we felt lucky if it got above 0 degrees. We also had a lot of wind; for two days in a row, the windchill was about -30 degrees.

But when we went to Sioux Falls on Tuesday, it was 35 ABOVE zero! And right now, at the house, it is foggy, frosty, and 21 ABOVE zero! So now I think I’ve caught you up with all the boring details of what has been going on with me this past month. On this beautiful warm day, you have a beautiful day.

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