Sunday, January 20, 2013

My birthday has come and gone

I had a great time, too. It spread out for a few days. First of all, Norm and I agreed to me getting a special birthday gift .... I got the American Girl Doll, Kirsten. For those of you who are not American Girl Doll savvy, these are a set of 18" dolls that have a story line connected with them. There are many different American girls that tell the history of America from their “eyes.” 

Kirsten is retired, now, so I had to look hard to find one at an affordable price.  Kirsten represents the Swedish immigrants of about the 1870s, give or take.  Since I portray a Swedish immigrant of that time period, I have always loved the doll and the story-line.

When Bitty (and then Bubba) turned 2, I got AG dolls for both of them.  Now I have my own!

She has her own rocking chair

I finally (after much “encouragement” from family) went to the doctor for my cold / cough and found out that I had the “Christmas Crud” and it would go away on it’s own.  However, the cough could last “up to 6 weeks!”

I was well enough, though, that I was able to go out to dinner the day after my birthday.  Candy and Wayne joined us and I had Jody come join us, as well.

The week after was shopping in Mankato for Candy and I.  Then we celebrated Wayne’s birthday by going to another cool place to eat.

On Thursday, Candy and I headed up to the Purple Iris for three days of demonstrating.  We got home yesterday in cold, windy weather and are both tucked into our homes, keeping warm.

It’s about 9ยบ out - the sun has been shining today and there is very little wind.  It’s a beautiful Minnesota winter day.  You have a beautiful day!

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