Tuesday, January 01, 2013

It’s that time of year again!

Another new year has come and we are celebrating the chance to renew and start over again.

But listen, boys and girls, it IS true that time flies faster as you get older.  When I was a little girl .....

No, wait!  I have been at my full height since I was in 6th grade (but not the same girth - sigh), so I need to say: “When I was younger!”  When I WAS in the 6th grade, my best friend, DuWayne, and I figured out just how old we would be at the year 2000, IF we survived.  Why, we’d be in our 50s!

And here it is, 13 years later and I’m still around!  (DuWayne, where are you?)

And on this first day of 2013, I beg your indulgence and allow me to look back just a little bit in time.

When last I wrote, I had just said goodbye to Jill and Eric.  The next day, Christmas Eve, Joy and family arrived.  My folks had gotten to Candy and Wayne’s on Sunday.

We had a non-traditional pizza for supper but also the traditional “first meal at Grandma’s” - macaroni and cheese.  Then opened presents and had a grand visit.

Mom and Dad came over for turkey on Christmas Day, then Candy and Wayne came over for dessert and cards.  The game for the gang is normally cribbage and there was a hot tournament going all evening.

Joy and Ken and girls headed home on Wednesday morning.  Mom and Dad stayed until Thursday and headed home.  Fortunately, everyone had clear weather (and not too cold) for traveling.

Now I would like to share some pictures of the good times we had.  I have been searching my files, because I was SURE I took a picture of Bitty playing the piano, but can’t find it.  Oh, well, maybe next time.

Bubba loves to weave, especially if the loom is already warped!  She did 10" during the time here.

Bubba is such a clown!

Yule Log

Saying goodbye
Cold morning to be outside

Folks are heading home
And on this chilly evening, I would like to wish one and all a wonderful new year, full of peace, love and happiness.


Roses around the door... said...

Happy new year! lovely photos, best wishes jackie x

Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like a wonderful family time!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy New Year Connie! I wish you the very best in 2013! :)