Sunday, January 20, 2013

And now for some exciting news!

I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to tell the world the news that I am going to be a grandma, again!

Jill, my baby, is going to have a baby!  Now, she and Eric have been married for over 14 years, so this has been very unexpected!

She and Eric told Norm and I in November and I have been chewing on the bridle, so very anxious to tell.  But they wanted to make sure things were all copasetic before announcing, so I couldn’t tell anyone except my sister ... thank goodness for that!!!  I would have gone crazy (crazier?) if I couldn’t talk about this exciting, blessed event.

Don’t have much to say about it except the baby is due on July 26th.  We won’t know until it is born what gender it is.  Eric doesn’t want to know so no-one will know!  All I know is that the baby seems healthy, so far, and Jill is doing as well as can be expected, considering that January is her busiest most stressful month at work.

Here is how they announced it on FaceBook.  And if it’s on FB, it’s official, right?

Eric and I are very excited to announce that we are creating your future despotic overlord*! Coming July 26, 2013.

*actual chance of creating an evil genius is less than .05%. It will most likely be a normal baby.


Oh, and on another exciting note, while waiting for my youngest grandchild, I had news of my oldest grandchild, Bitty.  She got her brown belt in Martial Arts yesterday.  And at the age of 16; I think that's pretty fantastic!

It’s cooling down, now, and going to be colder tomorrow.  But it will be a beautiful day.  You have a beautiful day!


Mary Ann said...

What wonderful news for you! Congratulations! Your oldest grand looks like she knows her business, indeed!

April S. said...

Congrats! What blessings! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!