Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joy!

Today is Joy's 41st birthday!  It's hard to realize that she is THAT old!  Why, I can remember when she was no bigger than a large chicken!  She was only 6 pounds 4 ounces when she was born!

And look at her, now!

Joy was named Joy for a very good reason ... "Joy of the first born" - "Joy cometh in the morning" - "Ode to Joy" ... many different quotes and songs have "Joy" mentioned in them.  

And Joy was our first born.  We had waited 5 years from the time we got married to have children, so I was very anxious for my first one.

I have a couple of pictures to share of her when she was little.  We lived in Australia (as I'm sure most of my thousands of fans know) and enjoyed temperate weather in the fall and winter but hot weather in the summer.

The first picture is of Joy before Jill (her name means "Little Girl" if you're asking).  She had this cute little pony on wheels that she wanted to have everywhere ... in the tub (she even rode him in the tub) and even in bed.

The second one is also of Joy on wheels (does this tell us something?) ... the folks sent her a trike (they didn't have them in Australia at that time) for Christmas.  She was up and down the driveway constantly ... she loved that trike.

This one was taken about the time that Jill was born - early spring in Australia.

Joy was a joy when she was born - she still is a joy!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!  I love you!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good News and Bad News

One week from today (seven days), we will be visiting Anne Frank’s Secret Annex in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  This is where Anne, her family and four others spent two years in hiding from the Nazis until their arrest.

The good news?  It’s six days until we fly out of Minneapolis through Iceland to Amsterdam.  The beginning of ten fun-filled, educational, exciting days in Europe.

The good news?  We get to see so many places that I have heard of and only dreamed of seeing.

The bad news?  We will not see Corrie ten Boom’s place (she was Dutch and hid Jews in her house - she was arrested with her family and was the only one to survive).

The bad news?  We will not be able to take pictures of Anne’s place.

The good news?  There are post cards of Anne’s place.  And a marvelous on-line “walk-through” of the Secret Annex.  

The good news?  There is also a wonderful site that shows pictures of Corrie’s home and her Hiding Place.  

More good news than bad, don’t you think?  And, like I said, it’s only six days until this marvelous trip begins.

Dad will arrive on Monday; on Tuesday, Norm will drive Candy, Dad and I to Joy’s; Joy will take us to the airport and Norm will spend the night with Joy and family.  When we come home, Norm will drive back up to Joy’s; Joy will pick us up and we will spend the night at her house.  Norm will drive us home.

I am starting to get more excited every moment.  I have been printing out maps for Dad so that we can find our way around.  I will be taking my Samsung tablet so that we can use it for a G.P.S.  I am almost all packed, but I will have to go through my things and see if I can dump some out so I can get my suitcase CLOSED!  Dad has the itinerary all complete (I think).  Before we leave, I will put it on the blog so that anyone who wants to read it and follow along may do so.

It is a beautiful hot day today.  The weather sounds like it will be beautifully cool for our trip.  You have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yes, I am packing!

Two weeks from today we will be in the air, heading to Iceland!!

I have been busy planning, ordering things, packing, re-packing, packing and planning.  Now I need to weigh the case to make sure it’s not too heavy.  We are all taking those little wheelie-thingie carry-on bags and not checking anything.  On the way home, if we need (probably will), we will probably either get a box from a grocery store and use that for check-in baggage or mail ourselves things.

Candy and I both have folding canes now and filter water bottles.  Dad was going to order his folding cane this week.  Jody loaned me her passport pouch that fits under the shirt / blouse to carry passport and money and important things. 

I have seen the doctor about my knee (Wayne was worried that there was a problem with it) and there is nothing wrong with it - just normal problems that some people get with a knee replacement.  I see the heart doctor next week - Dr. Kelly said she felt I should see him just to be sure things are going well under the skin.  The druggist said to order a “short supply” of pills since it’s in the middle of my order; that way the pill bottles will be smaller and I won’t have to carry so many.

I have a list of addresses so I can send post cards; I have a list of who to buy for and what I can possibly get them.  I have a list of things that I would like for me. 

I have a protective cover coming for my Samsung tablet and also have a car charger so that we can use the Samsung for a G.P.S. locator.  About half the hotels have free WiFi so I can find the next place before we leave.  “Sammy” will keep memory of where we are going it I plug her in with WiFi and don’t turn her off during the day. 

I have about 3 extra sets of batteries for the camera and cards for about 3,000 pictures - is that enough? 

No knives or sharp instruments in bag or purse; Norm says to carry a Swiss Army knife and tell them that I am in the Swiss Army, but I don’t think that would work.

Small bottles of shampoo, small containers of toothpaste, small bottles of hand lotion.

Am I forgetting anything?

Dad will drive here on Monday; Tuesday, Norm will drive us to Joy’s.  Joy will take us to the airport and Norm will spend the night, then come home.  When we come home, Joy will pick us up and we will spend the night at her house.  Norm will have driven back up and will take us home the next day.

Whew!  Dad has all the plans in place.  My next mission, and I chose to accept it, is to get maps of the cities printed out so we can find our way around (and Sammy will help in that!).

While I am there, I will TRY to put a few pictures on Face Book and maybe even some here, if I have time, energy and WiFi.

Tonight, Norm and I, along with Candy and Wayne, went out to have a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  I had steak and the others had the rib special at The Loose Moose - a bar / restaurant in Westbrook.

It’s been a beautiful day, following over a week of breathtaking beautiful days.  You have a beautiful day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It was raining forty-six years ago!

They say “Happy the bride the sun shines on.”  And, “A rainy wedding is unlucky.”

Well, can that be true?  Norm and I were married in a pouring down rainstorm (fortunately inside) and it rained most of our honeymoon.  Unlucky?  I don’t think so!  Unhappy?  Defiantly not!   

“Lucky” is the word for it!  Norm is a Peterson, and as any wife (or husband) of a Peterson knows, they have “stick-to-it-tiveness” .... they don’t give up!  Through good times and bad (some VERY bad), through happy days and sad, they don’t give up.  Where a “normal” man would have walked out on me a very (very) long time ago, Norm stuck with me and kept on going.  So now, after all these years, we can look back and say “WOW!”

I am very fortunate - and I know it!  Norm is a special man who is loved by everyone.  He is kind, gentle, smart, funny (well, sometimes I think he’s funny but others think so), and talented.  He can do just about anything.  When I was first learning how to sew, as a bride, he taught me how to sew by teaching me patience.  He can do anything he puts his mind to.

Norm can do anything I can do (if he wants) but better.  The only thing I’m confident that I “shine” in is typing and understanding a computer.  But that’s because he doesn’t WANT to.  He can spin and could do it better if he wanted to.  He can weave - almost made himself a loom once.  We almost kept our rug loom so he could make rugs but he decided he didn’t want to take the time from other projects.

Lucky the bride who marries a Peterson!  I am so happy that *I* did!  I love my husband; I love him more every day!

Happy Anniversary, Norm!

 Here is a favorite picture of mine.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

This is a picture of my two girls when they were about seven and five.  This was taken as a Christmas card.

I took the picture and used our curtains for a backdrop; you will notice they are gold - they were rubber-lined and made excellent insulation for cold and for heat.  By the time we moved out, the backing was sun-destroyed and falling apart.  But they lasted a long time!

My girls were fun to raise and fun to have around.  I loved them at this age (well, all ages, but this one was a lot of fun).  When I dream about them, this is the age I normally dream about.

I love you, Joy and Jill!