Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now, THIS is why I wanted an eight harness loom!

 Yes, I know it’s been awhile, again!  But I’ve been busy.  I have gotten 1 bread cloth, 2 towels and am on my 3rd towel on Freya.  I tell you, people, she is a DREAM to weave on!  I have been neglecting my other looms because of her, but promise them, faithfully, that I will get back to them when I am done with Christmas presents on Freya.

Other than weaving, let’s see what has been happening.  Not much until December 7th. Then we headed up to the cities for the weekend.

We got to Joy’s on Friday in time to pick Bitty up from college.  What a strange feeling, to watch all these college students coming out of the door and then see my favorite granddaughter (with brown eyes) come out the door!

Joy had shopping to do and took me to Trader Joe’s.  Now, I’ve heard of that place but have never gone, so it was a new experience!  It’s just like almost every other grocery store, yet different.  I was impressed with the produce department and the meat department.  Organic and yet not very expensive, comparatively!

As Joy was running errands in several stores, the girls and I sat in the car visiting.  And saw the first snowflakes coming down.  By the time we got home, the ground was covered with snow.

We were a little concerned about the traffic and visibility because Norm and I went over to a restaurant just off Highway 35E to meet Jill and Eric for dinner.  We had a great meal, great talking and a great time.  By the time we headed home, the snow had lessened and we got “home” to Joy’s faster than we had gotten to the restaurant.

Saturday was busy, as Joy’s father-in-law, Bill, was getting married.  He has been a widower for 14 years, so it was nice to know that he now had a partner in life again.  The wedding was at the church, then the reception was at the senior apartment building that Bill and new wife Cely are in.

Saturday night was just collecting thoughts and energy.

Sunday was church.  The snow had started up at midnight on Saturday and was still coming down.  Ken decided to drive the car as it carried more people than the 4-wheel-drive.  Coming home, he couldn’t get the car out of the parking lot so caught a ride home with someone with a 4-wheel-drive, got his out and transferred people a few at a time - luckily the church is only 5 minutes away.

Ken got out the bobcat and cleaned the driveway and road, loving every minute of it.  The rest of us counted inches of snow and decided that we would NOT go to the ballet (Nutcracker) that afternoon.  Instead, we rented a Nutcracker from Amazon Videos and enjoyed the music and dancing while safe at home.

Norm and I had planned on heading home after the ballet on Sunday night because Norm had a dental appointment on Monday morning.    I called the dentist and canceled.  We called Candy and she said that she didn’t even know how much snow they got but the roads had to be closed .... she couldn’t even see the road from her house.

So, we headed home on Monday morning, after rush hour traffic was over.  Joy’s place got a total of 12"!  The roads were reasonably good .... didn’t take much longer than normal - well, about an hour longer - and had very little trouble on the roads.

When we got home, our road had been plowed and our lane was not too full of snow.  Norm figured we got about 5" but more wind that the cities.

Now we are home; I have the wood stove cooking warmly and the loom clicking along speedily.  And today is 12/12/1212!  What do you think about that?

Here are some pictures of the wedding to share with you.

The family with Bill and Cely

The girl cousins


 Bitty was the second girl born in the extended family.  Her cousin in purple was the first.  There are a lot of boys, but just look what Bitty started!  A whole gang of girls!

Snow at Joy's

 It’s a beautiful snowy, sunny day today.  You have a beautiful day.

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