Friday, October 12, 2012

On the road again!

Okay, we’ve been a little distracted for over a week, so it’s time to get back on the tour.  This is day seven of the ten day tour.  Things are winding down but still extremely busy.  Actually, it seems like we are getting busier, trying to get everything done.

We left Innsbruck in the morning after a breakfast at a small café.  This was the first and only place that didn’t offer a B&B type breakfast along the way.  But the breakfast was very good.  We went through the Austrian Alps and headed into Italy for a little bit, then turned around and came back.

On the Autobahn from Austria to Italy there was a toll road.  We paid to go through the gates and were in Italy (I assume).  We went for a long while (maybe even an hour) and decided to turn around just before another toll gate.  Then when we got back to the first toll gate, Dad handed the clerk his ticket, which had no exit stamp on it.  The clerk was horrified; “That is forbidden!”  He kept repeating that while Dad kept trying to tell him that we simply turned around in the parking lot before the second toll gate.  The clerk called someone, I assume a supervisor, all the time saying, “That is forbidden!”  I had visions of us being hauled to jail or something when Dad finally said “What can I say?  Stupid Americans!”  After a little bit, the clerk hung up the phone, raised his hands in dismay and told us to go ahead!  Whew!  Guess it was the “Stupid Americans” that did the trick.  And I hope we never do a “forbidden” again!

We drove back down the Alps to Oberammagau and found our hotel, the Hotel Friedenshöhe.    As we were driving in, we met the owner, Eric.  He had us check in; Dad asked about the castle he wanted to see and Eric said that it was too far away to get to and return in an afternoon.  He suggested we go to the Königsschloss (Castle) Linderhof, which was only about fifteen minutes away.  We drove over and had a wonderful afternoon.  The castle was not as beautiful as the Neuschwanstein Castle (Walt Disney designed his Sleeping Beauty castle after this one), but it was awesome, non-the-less!  There were gilt rooms, gold everywhere, a magnificent fountain and swans in the lake.

After having a tour of the castle by a very well-informed guide, I did some shopping - can’t tell you what, as not everyone has received their gifts, yet, but I did get some neat things and also got some good postcards.  No matter how good a camera you have, postcards are the best for showing what you have seen.  I don’t feel guilty about using postcards as part of my story.

After the castle tour, we went to the old part of Oberammagau, which had a lot of tourist shops.  Again, I bought things, but, again, I cannot say what I bought.  We went back to the hotel and had a lovely dinner that we didn’t realize was in the package deal.  We had wireless, but the router, said Eric, was an old one and not very strong, so to get emails, etc, I had to sit in the reception lobby to get connected.  Another guest was there with his IPad getting connected as well. A storm started while we were eating and we went to bed with thunder and lightning.  Our room had a lovely balcony and Dad wanted to sit outside for awhile but the chairs got wet so he couldn’t.

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast, checked our GPS on Sammy and headed to Rothenburg, the oldest walled city in Europe.  But that’s for tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures!


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