Sunday, October 21, 2012

And, now, on the way home!

I have been lax in finishing up my trip.  Sorry, people!  But now I am going to finish up the trip.

We left Rothenburg about noon and headed to Aschaffenburg, an old city only about an hour from Frankfurt.  Dad picked this city because it was close to the airport; that way we didn’t need to worry about getting the car turned in and not being in time for the flight.

Aschaffenburg was around during Roman times but became an actual city in the Middle Ages.  We stopped at a McDonald’s (Dad wanted to eat there and I didn’t object), then checked into our hotel, the “Hotel Olive Inn.”  Dad asked the receptionist if the city had any cathedrals or castles and she called a taxi to take us to the “Stiftsbasilika St. Peter un Alexander.”  She assured us that we could walk from the cathedral to the Johannisburg Palace.  When we were ready to come back to the hotel, we could call a taxi from any café or flag one down on the street.

The taxi drive took us right to the cathedral and he also assured us that we would have no problem getting a taxi to head back.

A Basilica is so named because it was specially designated by a Pope as something a little bit better than a church or cathedral.  This one was named for St. Peter and for (I believe) a pope, Alexander.  It was begun in 958.  In fact, in 1958, Pope Pius XII helped celebrate the 1,000th anniversary.  (Now, THAT IS OLD!)

I spent a lot of time wandering around inside and out.  Dad was very patient ... he wandered, then sat and waited for me.  I could have spent several more hours, going into more of the corners, but decided if we wanted to see the palace, I needed to pace myself.  I did take a lot of pictures and purchased a small booklet on the church.  It is in German but there were a lot of pictures that I knew I couldn’t reproduce with my camera.  (I have since gone on line and read as much as I could about the Basilica, since I couldn’t read the booklet.)

This was right in the middle of the city, so we then walked (after asking someone the directions) to the palace.

This is the Schloss (castle or palace) Johannisburg, built between 1605 and 1614.  It was damaged in World War II but has since been restored.  After we went through the courtyard and left the palace, we found the tourist / information office and realized that if we had planned better, we could go into the palace itself and see the displays and rooms.  Oh, well, the outside and the courtyard were impressive in themselves.

We then walked into a market area of the city and enjoyed looking around and watching the people.  There was a man who came and played the violin near us.  Dad gave me some coins and I put them in his violin case.  He wasn’t the best player I’ve heard, but he wasn’t too shabby and it was enjoyable to listen to and watch.  It was too early to eat, so we then walked to a busier area and found a taxi dropping a rider off, so we flagged her (yes, a female driver) and asked her to take us to the “green hotel” and she knew exactly where we were going.

We rested for awhile - I got online with Sammy and checked FaceBook entries and email - then walked to a sports bar for dinner.  That was an adventure in itself, so that will be told another time.  We caught a taxi home and hit the sack.

Early in the morning, had our last breakfast, packed the car and headed to Frankfurt.  Dad had to fill the car with gas, so we found a gas station, asked where the terminal and the car rental place were and the guy said “Same place” .... “Go to the first corner, turn, and there you are.”  And he was right ... we checked the car in, pulled our bags (thank goodness for wheeled bags) and got checked in early.  We had a lunch and waited for our flight. 

Then on to Iceland, changing planes there and heading home.   Joy and Norm met us and took us to Joy’s house where we had a lovely dinner to celebrate Ken’s birthday and our return. 

On Saturday morning (well, noon, actually), we got into the van and headed home.  Dad spent Saturday night with Candy and Wayne, then treated us to breakfast and headed home.

The end of a monumental trip.  A trip of a life time!

But it ain’t over yet, folks!  I promised Norm’s niece Glenda (yes, it’s nearly time, Glenda) that I would take pictures of our food, so that will be the next blog and slide show.  Until then, enjoy these.


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Far Side of Fifty said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I have enjoyed reading about it! :)