Monday, September 03, 2012

Thirty-five hours and counting

Yup, it's getting down to hours, now.  Things are getting exciting.

However, there is a big, BIG crimp in the plans.  Candy's husband, Wayne - he had a heart attack last week!  First of all, he is doing all right.  (Details to follow.)

All summer long, Candy has refused to get excited.  She has been having me do all the research for canes, water bottles, passport pouches, etc. I have been printing out maps for the different towns to help find where we are going.

The only thing she did that I didn't was to get an International Driver's Permit.  Candy was going to do most of the driving.  I did not get a Permit, as I had (still have) no desire to drive in Europe, especially on the Autobahn.

Now, however, things HAVE changed.  Candy will be staying home with Wayne so I have to get an International Driver's Permit and I will have to do most of the driving (Dad is 92, after all).

Dad is working on getting a refund for the flight tickets and changing the rooms from 3-person to 2-person rooms.  I will be getting my Permit tomorrow on the way up to the Cities.

Wayne, now ....... a light (light?) heart attack - he was feeling "poorly" all week after what he and Candy thought was heat exhaustion.  He never got better and got sick (another attack?) one night so Candy took him to the clinic.  Blood tests showed one or two attacks, so he was sent by ambulance to Sioux Falls (1 1/2 hours from here).  They found that he had major blockage which had been there for quite some time - in fact, some arteries had grown around the blockages.  Don't know how that happens, but it did.

So, stints .... a stint on Saturday and a second one tomorrow (Tuesday); if he is cleared, he won't have to have a pace maker put in.  However, he does NOT need by-pass surgery!  (Whew!) Wayne is walking around the floor in the hospital and getting more energy as he goes.  If the second stint is what he needs, we will have our cheerful Energizer Bunny back.  He HAS been tired and grumpy for quite a while.

So, the deal is, Candy is missing out on the trip, I will be missing her, but Dad and I will still go and will have a great time!  Dad is coming over today, spending the night and we are heading up tomorrow.  Norm is driving our van so he can visit with Joy and family.  

Joy will be taking Dad and I to the airport and dropping us off.  Norm will spend the night and head home on Wednesday.  Peanut will be coming with us, of course, to the Cities, but NOT on the plane!

We will be home in about 12 days.  Joy will pick us up and we will spend the night with her before heading home on Saturday the 15th.  Norm and Peanut will head up on Friday and then drive us home.  Dad will head back to Rapid City after that.

Now, I will be TRYING to send a few pictures while we are gone - I have heard that half of our hotels have free WI-Fi and I am taking my tablet along.  But I will have a lot of pictures and stories to share when I do get home.

Until then, it's a beautiful day today - you have a beautiful 2 weeks.


cheryl said...

I am so sorry to hear that your sister will not be able to travel with you and your Dad but she is needed at home with her husband . I wish you safe travels on your trip of a lifetime and I look forward to hearing about all your adventures .

Roses around the door... said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!!! best wishes jackie x