Saturday, September 08, 2012

Things I have learned

As my millions of fans know, I don't know much about nuttin' ... so I'm learning alot about Europe.  So here are some things.

In The Netherlands, most people speak English, and vey well.  There are three million, nine hundred and seventy-five bikes in Amsterdam alone.  Trust me, I counted them!  And almost as many scooters!  I WANT a scooter!  (Yes, Mom, that will be written on my tombstone ..."She never gor her scooter.")

This is mostly because the gas is equivalent to about $10.00 per gallon, American!

In Belgium, at least the part we were in, the people speak some English, but less than in Holland.  They were nice people (everyone has been nice.)

We traveled through France but never stopped.

Germany, so far, most people do NOT speak much English.  I've gotten good at sign language ... even asked about a train station with "choo-choo" and got the message across.

I have found if someone does not speak English, they usually will try to find someone who can.  We have (eventually) found our way vy helpful people.  And the taxi drivers are a breed apr ... eveyone ww had contact with has been marvelous!

It IS difficult to try to read street and road signs if you don't know the language.  And try ro follow an opera sung in Italian with German subtitles!  Oh, lordy, that can give you a headache!

We are now in Baden-Baden, filled to the brim with excellent food, as always.  I will weigh sixttens (and what will I get?) when I come home.  portions are humungous!

We go to Switzerland tomorrow.

 I am taking most of mu pictures wirh my camera, but there are some on the tablet, so I will share.  It's ten here, now, I'm pooped.  Ir's been a beautiful trip so far.  You jave a beautiful day.


Laura said...

What an experience! Thanks for sharing your trip as you go along the way!!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful pictures, Connie. And you will have such wonderful memories, as well. LOVE you and your dad, in front of that windmill.

Anonymous said...

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Enjoy your trip in Europe :))

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey you are a world traveler now! I hope you had the best time ever with your Dad! :)