Monday, September 03, 2012

One Last Thing

Dad is here and has given me the last minute itinerary.  So I am putting it on here, now.  For those of you  who want to read the places we are going, follow below.  For those of you who do not, avert your eyes and I'll see you on the other side!

Sept. 4, 2012 - Depart Mineapolis - St. Paul airport, Terminal 2 - 7:30 PM on Icelander flight #655. Arrive Reykyavik, leland - 6:30 AM - 6 hr. flight. 

Sept. 5 - Depart Reykjavik, Iceland - 7:55 AM flight #502. Arrive Amsterdam, Netherlands - 12:55 - 3 hr. flight. Go through Customs then take train to down town Amsterdam and check into our Hotel "A-Train" across the street from the Train Station. Settle in and then take a taxi to Ann Frank's House. Albert Van Nierop will meet us there and give us a tour of Amsterdam and then we will have a nice dinner and go back to our Motel for the night.

Sept. 6. We get up, have a B & B breakfast and take the train to the airport to pick up our car. We leave the airport and drive through Holland into Belgium and stop at Bastioned where American troops were surrounded, by the Germans, without food, heat or supplies from Dec. 15, 1944 until January 1, 1945 when General Patton arrived to win the battle January 17, 1945. This was the largest battle in WWII. At Luxemburg we check in at our Hotel Empire. We then will visit the American Cemetery and General Patton's grave. We will visit the Cathedral Notre Dame and possibly the Palace or an Art Gallery. We leave the next morning after a nice free breakfast.

Sept. 7. We leave Luxemburg and drive to Metz, France then to Saarbrucken, Germany, where you take a train to Frankfurt. A 2 ½ hour ride through beautiful German country. I meet you at the Train Station and we go to our hotel, Hotel Mercator, rest up, have a dinner and attend the opera.

Sept. 8. We drive to Wiesbaden and then follow the Rhein River for 50 miles to Lorch, a medieval town on the Rhine. This is the scenic drive seeing grape fields and Castles. We will drive back to Wiesbaden and head south on the Autobahn and end up at Baden Baden, the Spa City of Germany. We stay there that night at The Hotel Gausthaus Linde just outside of Baden Baden. We will have dinner in Baden Baden.

Sept 9. We leave Baden Baden and enter Switzerland and stay overnight at Schaffhausen, the most beautiful medieval town in Switzerland. From the town you can see the Munot Fortress that was build between 1564 and 1589. Just outside of the town is the Rheinfall Waterfall, the largest and most powerful in Europe. This will be a well worth stop before we continue our trip.

Sept. 10th. We now have a long, but beautiful, drive following through the Alps to Liechtenstein. Then drive through the Alps to Innsbruck, Germany, head south through Brenner Pass into Italy. Return to Innsbruck and drive to Oberammegau, Bavaria. We are booked at the Hotel Friedenshohe for 2 nights.

Sept 11 . We walk around the beautiful the city of Oberammegau, drive to the Crazy Ludwig fairy tale castle and tour other places. Hoping to have a nice dinner at a place that has some Bavarian entertainment.

Sept. 12th. We leave for Munich and tour the Dacha Concentration Camp, a must stop where the Nazis killed off thousands of German Jews. Leave there and drive to the Medieval City of Rothenburg where we will stay 2 nights at the Gasehaus Goldener Hirsch Hotel so that you get to look the city over and buy many things.

Sept. 14th . We leave early enough to get to the Frankfurt Airport, turn in the car and check in for our flight home. Depart Frankfurt on Iceland air flight #657521 from terminal 2 at 2 PM arrive at Iceland, their time 3:35 PM. A 3 hr 35 minute flight.

Depart Iceland on Icerlandair flight #657 at 4:45 PM and arrive at Minneapolis-St. Paul International terminal 2 at 6:05 PM, Minneapolis time. A 6 hr. 20 minute flight.  While driving through Europe we will be stopping off at different places to visit interesting sites that I have not mentioned. 

At this time, it's 24 hours until we take off. You have a beautiful time ... I know I will!


cheryl said...

You are on your way now as I read this , I hope you have a safe and very pleasant trip . I will be following your travels through this page .

cheryl said...

Could I send you a friend request for facebook ? I would love to see your pictures and follow your trip on there .

Laura said...

I'm sorry I missed you before you left. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your trip of a lifetime! Safe travels! Can't wait to hear about it when you return!!