Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh, dear!

I am home and working on my blog post and my pictures.  But I re-read the post I made in Europe, on Sammy.  Now, a tablet is a great thing to have but fat fingers and small digital keyboards don't mix too well.  I see that there are typographical errors all over the place!  I apologize .. and to make up for it, I will post a few pictures to keep your appetite whetted until I get the rest ready for you.

I thought I had almost 3,000 pictures taken but a lot of the numbers were taken up by videos.  So I actually only took 1,229 still pictures.  Although a lot of them turned out lousy because I was taking many through the window of the car, I still did get some good ones.

So, here you are. We were in Innsbruck, Austria.  The video is from a show we saw that night ... the gal is singing about a cow.


 It's a beautiful day today - I'm glad to be home but am pretty tired ... hope the jet lag goes away soon!  You have a beautiful day.

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