Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Today is the birthday of my youngest granddaughter, Bubba.  She is fourteen today.  And (yes, it makes me sound and feel old), I remember the day she was born!

Before she was born, I had enjoyed Bitty for over two years.  Being a grandma, to me, was the cat’s meow!  I didn’t know if I could love another grandchild as much as I did my first one.  Silly me!  I had forgotten that the heart grows to make room for more people to love.  When she was born, I forgot I was leery of not loving her enough.

So, now I have two favorite granddaughters.  Bitty is my favorite ..... with brown eyes.  Bubba is my favorite .... with blue eyes.  So I can tell each of them they are my favorite granddaughter!

Let me tell you a little about Bubba.  She has been a delight from the minute she was born.  She is funny, smart, sweet, lovable and entertaining.  She loves everyone and everything.  She is graceful and beautiful.  Bubba has been taking - along with Dad and sister Bitty - Martial Arts.  She has her purple belt and is studying for her brown belt.  Purple is third from the top, black belt.

Bubba has been the delight of my eyes ... she is clever, good with her hands and does a lot of crafty things.  She knows how to sew, spin, weave, knit and crotchet.  I have been blessed with having her in my life.  And, YES, grandmas can love more than one grandchild, just like moms can love more than one child (I should have known better!).

I love you, Bubba.  Have a great birthday and a great life!

At age six

She loves to climb trees - this is "her" tree on our place

She loves to demonstrate at historical events

She was excellent in soccer when they lived in Florida

She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady

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