Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day three - Amsterdam to Luxembourg

We got up early on Sunday morning (I think) and had a lovely breakfast - all the places we stayed at had great continental breakfasts as part of the package.  Then headed back to the train.

I realized that I didn’t explain the train thing yesterday - we got off the airplane and then went through customs - easy-peasy - they had two gates - one for declaring and one for not.  We went through the “not declaring” and was waved through by a nice guard.  Then found the train station and Dad got tickets - we rode from the airport to the center part of town and walked to our hotel.  In the morning, we caught the train back to the airport and got our rental car.   

We drove through France .. hard to tell where we were, as there were no signs at any borders - but I started reading French signage (part of Belgium is French speaking, too).  Then arrived at Luxembourg, Belgium, and found our hotel, across from the train / bus station.  I thought it would be noisy at night but things quieted down and I wasn’t bothered by noise at all.

After we settled in, we asked where the best place to eat was.  The standard answer in all places was “easy walking ... ten minutes or less ....” We found that ten minutes for a normal person meant twenty or thirty for us.  But this was our first time and we believed the “easy walking” - it was uphill and we had trouble finding someone who could direct us.  I finally went into a bar and asked - the lovely girl walked us around the corner and said “Here!”  We were looking for a “Plaza Italian Place” (Dad wanted spaghetti) and found that the “Plaza” was the place for many different restaurants!  So the place around the corner was a whole street of restaurants with open doors and tables (with umbrellas) outside.

We went in, looked at the menu and had a reasonably English-speaking waiter show us things on the menu and help us order.  I will have a whole blog - with pictures -on the foods we ate at a later time (patience, Glenda!).

After the eating, we walked back to the hotel.  I found that most of the hotels had free wireless; this time was the first after I contacted people from Albert’s home, so I sent emails and Skyped with Jody and with Jessica, giving them tours of our room and views outside the window.

Dad got hooked on Skype and was always eager for me to hook up with someone so that he could talk to them and see their faces.  I even got Albert’s Skype so that we could let him know where we were and how we were getting along.  He was concerned but didn’t need to be - we had a very safe, great trip.

We spent the night in Luxembourg and headed out the next morning.  So, here are some pictures from Amsterdam to Luxembourg.

Also, I have a short video of the fountain in the Plaza.

It was a beautiful day that day - it is a beautiful day today.  You have a beautiful day.

Click here to see the slide show:   Amsterdam to Luxembourg


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