Thursday, September 27, 2012

And we will take a break from our regularly scheduled broadcast .....

I know that my millions of fans are eagerly awaiting more pictures and stories of my trip, but I need to tell you all about what I did yesterday.

No, you don’t need to guess .... I will tell you.  I went to Luverne, Minnesota, to meet a new weaver friend.  Darlene has been a master weaver (and I mean MASTER) but she has had a stroke and cannot remember how to set up the loom for weaving.  She remembers that she loved weaving - she has samples around, purple ribbons and pictures.  But she can’t remember the HOW.

So I went over today - her daughter, Jan, met me at the door; Darlene was waiting anxiously inside and met me with a BIG hug!

My plan was to treat Darlene like she was a new weaver, so I took it slow and easy.  I found that she tired easily, so we went slower than normal.  All we really did was wrap half the warp on the warping board, but Darlene said she felt like it was something she did before; if she concentrated, she would get the all-important cross put on correctly. 

We did a lot of talking and Jan brought out items that Darlene had woven in the past and pictures of others - plus a purple ribbon from the Alaska State Fair .... now, how awesome is that?  I’ve never had the courage (or the perfection) to enter my work in any fair!

The next meeting will be in two weeks, after the Educational Rendezvous in Albert Lea next week.  Darlene was disappointed that I couldn’t come next week but understood.  I left her with a book to read and instructions to try to wrap the second half of the warp before I got back.  I had started it and drew a diagram to help her remember.  I think that Jan, also, will be able to help her if she gets stuck.

What a fun day!  I spent some time out in their beautiful yard, had a wonderful lunch (thank you, Jan) and have met two wonderful new friends.

It was a beautiful day yesterday; it is a beautiful day today; you have a beautiful day.

Darlene, wrapping the warp on the warping board

She has a Baby Wolf loom (36" wide, 4 harness)
She also has a Mighty Wolf (40" width, 8 harness) - be still, my beating heart!

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