Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good News and Bad News

One week from today (seven days), we will be visiting Anne Frank’s Secret Annex in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  This is where Anne, her family and four others spent two years in hiding from the Nazis until their arrest.

The good news?  It’s six days until we fly out of Minneapolis through Iceland to Amsterdam.  The beginning of ten fun-filled, educational, exciting days in Europe.

The good news?  We get to see so many places that I have heard of and only dreamed of seeing.

The bad news?  We will not see Corrie ten Boom’s place (she was Dutch and hid Jews in her house - she was arrested with her family and was the only one to survive).

The bad news?  We will not be able to take pictures of Anne’s place.

The good news?  There are post cards of Anne’s place.  And a marvelous on-line “walk-through” of the Secret Annex.  

The good news?  There is also a wonderful site that shows pictures of Corrie’s home and her Hiding Place.  

More good news than bad, don’t you think?  And, like I said, it’s only six days until this marvelous trip begins.

Dad will arrive on Monday; on Tuesday, Norm will drive Candy, Dad and I to Joy’s; Joy will take us to the airport and Norm will spend the night with Joy and family.  When we come home, Norm will drive back up to Joy’s; Joy will pick us up and we will spend the night at her house.  Norm will drive us home.

I am starting to get more excited every moment.  I have been printing out maps for Dad so that we can find our way around.  I will be taking my Samsung tablet so that we can use it for a G.P.S.  I am almost all packed, but I will have to go through my things and see if I can dump some out so I can get my suitcase CLOSED!  Dad has the itinerary all complete (I think).  Before we leave, I will put it on the blog so that anyone who wants to read it and follow along may do so.

It is a beautiful hot day today.  The weather sounds like it will be beautifully cool for our trip.  You have a beautiful day.

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