Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

Today's picture is of Joy, Jill and Cookie .... this was taken late 70s, early 80s at our place.  You can see the rolling prairie behind the girls and it was probably in July or August because the grass is dry and turning brown.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite books was "Cocoalo Comes to America," about a young boy and his donkey that came to America from a war-torn island in Italy or Greece.

We had the chance to get a young donkey from the Shriners club; they had a Donkey brigade that was in parades and I fell in love with the donkeys.  When Norm allowed us to get one, I named him Cocoalo.  He was very gentle with the girls. They would sit on him when he was laying down in the barnyard and he would follow them around, so they could ride him if someone led him.

He was fun, but he didn't work out - he became too pushy around me (but never the girls) and I had a hard time going into the barnyard when he was there.  He also would attack our Shetland Sheepdogs, especially the puppies we were raising (who didn't know enough to stay away from him).  He managed to break a puppy's leg, causing us to spend a a lot of money getting it set - and we couldn't sell the puppy for much because we couldn't promise he wouldn't have a life-time limp.  Cocoalo probably thought the pups were coyotes - because that's what donkeys do - protect their flocks from predictors.

So, even though we loved him (and he loved the girls), we had to sell him; a farmer needed a "watch-donkey" for his sheep, so he went to a good home.   But we had a good time with him while we had him.

Joy is holding Cocoalo, Jill is beside him and Cookie is the lucky one on his back

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