Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ninety Two Years!

My dad was born in 1920, which IS 92 years ago!  It’s hard to believe that he is that old! 
And what is he doing on this auspicious day?  Driving to Bowling Green, Kentucky!  He and Mom (also 92) are going to a National Camping group get-together that is being held this week.  They have been on the road since Sunday and will probably be home sometime next week.

And then, of course, he is taking Candy and I to Europe!

Now, I ask you, is this the normal speed of a normal 92 year old?  Dad refuses to be old!  He says he is not “old enough” to even go to an assisted living home; he and Mom still live in an apartment - we just got them out of their house about 4 years ago to an apartment with no yard work, no snow shoveling, no repairs.

Dad joined the Army when he was still in college; he wanted to fly, so transferred to the then Army-Air force which then changed the name to the Air Force.  Dad flew bombers in World War Two, flew the Berlin Airlift and was also in the Korean War.  He remained in the Air Force until he retired while we lived in Rapid City.  He and Mom have lived in Rapid City from 1959, when we first moved there, until now.

I guess it was fated that Dad became a pilot.  His brother, my Uncle Earl, was a designer for Boeing - the company that built many, many planes and jets.  When they were little, Uncle Earl built an “airplane” and Dad piloted it.  I understand that my grandmother nearly had a fit when she ran out and saw the wreck - it probably flew about 5 feet before it crashed!

Also, Dad said that when planes went over North Dakota (a rare happening), he would run out and shout “Airplane, Airplane, Rah, Rah, RAH!” .... had flying in his blood, I guess.  (I wish I would have gotten my pilot’s license when I was younger - I would have loved to be a pilot!)

Dad has also been a drummer since he was 8 years old.  He and Uncle Earl once were in a band together - then Dad went on to drum in many different bands.  He retired from drumming just a few years ago, and that was simply because the other members of his band became “too old” to play (and he was the oldest!).  Otherwise, he’d still be drumming in a band, somewhere!


Happy Birthday, Dad ... enjoy your day!

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cheryl said...

A very happy birthday to your father . He is a remarkable man and you are very blessed to have such wonderful parents .