Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

Candy and I have been going through old family pictures lately.  She showed me one of hers that I have never seen before .... This is of me, holding Candy and Cara beside us.  It looks, to me, like Cara is drilling a hole in the couch!  I don't remember seeing any pictures of Candy as a newborn and didn't realize that her hair was so dark.  It shouldn't surprise me .... daughters Joy and Jill, niece Cookie, granddaughters Bitty and Bubba and grand-niece Binni all had dark hair when they were born.

I remember this couch, though - we must have moved it with us where-ever we went for quite a while for me to remember it.

I don't know where Charles was ... probably outside playing.

Anyway, I like this picture of the three of us - we spent a lot of time together as youngsters!

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