Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to the Victorian Tea

...... or not!

Our local Business, Arts and Recreation Center (BARC) was having a Victorian Tea yesterday.  A friend of mine asked Jody and I to join her and convinced Jody to register us both for the tea.  As days passed, I was less and less enamored of the idea but decided not to say anything, as Jody seemed to want to go. This old-hermit-lady just does NOT want to dress up and go visit with many people who are practically strangers.

On Thursday, Jody called and asked me if I really wanted to go. I told her I’d rather spend time just visiting with her.  Thank goodness the Tea was a free-will offering, so we didn’t lose any money by not going!

Norm and I bundled up wood and extra jars and eggs and headed over to Jody’s after lunch.  So, while other women were dressed up and drinking tea and eating sweets, Jody and I were in comfortable clothes, helping Norm re-vamp the door into the puppy room in Jody’s basement. 

Jody has a new litter of puppies (she raises AKC German Shepherds, if you didn’t know) - there are ten healthy puppies and Skye is a beautiful momma.  Jody took one room and made it into the puppy room and had the delivery room under the stairs, with a heat lamp and a curtain to keep the heat in.  The door to that room was a regular door, but never fit right and wouldn’t close properly.  So Norm, with our help, took the door off, cut it down and fitted it properly.  So now someone can look into the puppy room and the momma (Skye, in this case) can look out and feel less abandoned with that locked-in-jail feeling.

This was MUCH better than spending time at a tea, don’t you think?  And I have puppy pictures for you ... get your drool towels ready and your “Ahhh” voices ready!

 One week old ... Skye and Berlin are checking him out.

 Nice warm room for them

 Flames around the air vent!

 Measuring the door.

 Overwhelmed by love

 Working on the last minute details
Jody and the "brother she never had" but has now .... Brother Norman with the new door.

It is a beautiful day today ... you have a beautiful day.


Laurie Matson said...

Glad to get a peek at your basement Jody!! Puppies all spread out wall to wall!!! Laurie Matson

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, Connie!