Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, favorite granddaughter (with brown eyes)

I have two granddaughters, as most of you know.  They are the light of my eyes, the joy of my soul.  Being a grandma is as good as being a mother - with less physical stress, but all the emotional joy.

Sixteen years ago, my favorite oldest daughter gave birth to my favorite oldest granddaughter.  I was there!  I WAS there!  I saw her coming out and she “spoke” to me with love, and I have been a sucker for her and her love ever since.

Bitty was so nick-named by her daddy because of her little size.  But ever since she could talk, she would say “I’m little but I’m strong!”  And strong she has been.

Let me tell you a little about this sweet girl.  Always a smile (well, almost ... not everyone can smile all the time - sometimes are sad / mad / unhappy times, but she has more happy times than most girls I know).  Everyone is her “best friend;” she has no enemies, no strangers.  She is clever, cute, smart and wise. 

Joy has home-schooled Bitty and her sister, Bubba, from the time they started school.  This next year will be different.  She will still be in high school, as a Junior (shock!!) but will also be going to college (double shock).  Her grades are high enough for her to qualify for that Minnesota thingie that allows Juniors and Seniors to attend college at the same time as finishing their high school terms.  Therefore, when Bitty graduates from high school, she will also have two years of college under her belt.  Bitty registered for college in May and will start going in August.  Joy will drive her to the campus for several hours of classes every day.

This past weekend Norm and I went up to the cities to spend some time with the family, as we couldn’t be there for Bitty’s birthday today.  We spent time with Jill and Eric (and, again, forgot to take pictures - sigh) on Saturday, then spent Father’s Day with Joy and family and gave Bitty her present.

Here are some pictures of that day.  It was a beautiful day; it is a beautiful day, today, for Bitty’s special day; hope you have a beautiful day as well.

 Ken showing off his "muskles" on the new deck
 New stairs going to back yard

 Door isn't in yet, have to use the window from the dining room to get out

 A little hard for long legs

 Even though it was a beautiful day, we felt the need to put up the screen for bug protection

 Opening her present

 She knows what it is!

 And it is:

 Her very own Kindle!

Skies have been iffy and thundery for a long while but the clouds make for beautiful shots

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