Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

On this windy Wednesday, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of Norm’s folks. Norm’s brother, Robert, has been scanning in a lot of the family pictures and I have been stealing taking pictures from his FaceBook albums. 

The first one is of Cecil Peterson, Norm’s dad, in 1927, with a friend and co-cowboy. Norm’s dad did a lot of “cowboy-ing” before he got married and settled down to ranching. Cecil is the one with the hat on. Good looking man, isn’t he?

The next one is of Clarice DeWitt, Norm’s mom, in 1928.  Ain’t she a looker?  One of Norm’s nieces, Edna, looks very much like her.  In fact, when I first saw the picture, I thought Robert was posing Edna in an old-timey hat.

I’d like to thank Robert for his dedication in scanning in and posting these pictures on FB to share.

The next picture is one I took while I was heading out to the ranch to see Norm’s brother Darrell and wife Mavis.  This house was the one that the family lived in when Norm was born in 1944.  The family then moved out in the spring, to the ranch that had been owned by Norm’s grandmother and then owned by another family before Cecil bought it.  The house now is used for storage. 

And the last picture is a picture taken from the air in about 1958.  Those of you who know the ranch will see the differences from what it looks like, today.  Those of you who don’t, the barn and corral are in the lower left corner of the picture, the garage / workshop is right above the barn and the house is middle left.  You can see a well-worn path to the outhouse above and to the left of the house.

The house looks almost the same, except that the door of the entry way is changed to the front, now, not the side.  Love these aerial pictures and the history they show!

It’s been fun looking at these old pictures - I’m hoping to post more in the weeks to come.  Thanks, Robert!

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