Sunday, May 06, 2012

This past week

Well, I’ve been amiss in writing of the happenings of the past week. The most important is that our ewe, Soot, finally (FINALLY) had her lambs - twin boys, born on Monday, April 30th. They are strong and healthy and growing quickly. I have been keeping them inside the barn to make sure they stay strong and healthy. It has been long enough, now, to let them out, but we’ve been having storms and rain so I don’t want them out in the wet. 

One day this week we had enough sunshine so that I could let them out, but today, after over 2 ½ “ of rain in 24 hours, I have locked everyone in.  No one likes it but it’s easier on me and actually, easier on Tinker.  She is Soot’s lamb from last year and even though she is too young to be a mommy, she has adopted one of the lambs and has a major hissy fit if she is separated from him.

I am hearing that tomorrow should be drier and sunnier so they all should be able to go back outside.

We have also had storms, like a major part of the county has had.  We have had tornado warnings, thunderstorms warnings, watches, threats, winds, rain, hail, and even more.

It was 80º for 2 days this week, which brought storms in.  Then it got chilly and windy and even more rainy.  We got about an inch, total, of rain this past week until yesterday and last night’s downpours. So that makes - let me see - about 4+ inches in one week!  Ooofta!

Candy and I went over to see Jody this past week, as Candy hasn’t seen her new place, yet.  It was a very pleasant visit with a nice lunch sitting around a (non-burning at the time) fireplace.  Every time I go over, things are a little bit more organized.

While there, Jody showed us her robin, nesting in a window and I got a picture of the eggs.  Hopefully (haven’t talked to Jody except to warn her of storms - she doesn’t have a weather radio, yet) the winds haven’t blown the nest out of the window!

I am mentally planning for Tuesday and Wednesday - it’s the annual museum tour for the county 3rd graders - I will be talking about pioneer life.  I think, this year, that I will take some material and sew up a new apron ... lord knows I need a new one if Mr. Peterson is insisting I get rid of the old one!

Then Candy and I head out on Thursday for Rapid City to spend Mother’s Day with our folks.  We will have a short visit (notice to all Rapid Citians that we normally visit - it will be short ones this time) and will spend most of the time with our mom. 

Then back home and back to normal stuff (according to Norm, sitting in the recliner, reading, all day).  I need to get Harriet Dare finished dressing so I can start weaving a vest that I WANTED done in April.  I need to finish Matilda’s projects (baby blankets) so that I can re-warp and start more projects that I have planned for about 6 months.  I also need to get Cherry’s latest done and started on the second runner.  And then, of course, Little Sister has mug rugs on her that should be worked on.

Also need to start garden stuff - it might be safe to plant seeds.  The potatoes that we planted on Easter are up and almost tall enough to cover with old hay.

It sounds like it might be a stormy spring so we all need to watch the skies and listen to our radios - our weather radio has been squawking more this week than it has for a year!    Here are a few sky pictures I took one night while out watching for twisters.  

On a side-note, these were NOT taken in black and white ... this was the color of the sky that night!

It is an over-cast day and not very warm, but dry (so far) so it’s a beautiful day - you have a beautiful day.

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Nezzy said...

Awwww, congratulations on the twins! We usually have a couple sets of twin calves a year.

Yep, some sunshine would do 'em good.

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a wonderful Mother's Day!!! :o)