Sunday, May 13, 2012


Let's talk about a more pleasant subject.  Today IS Mother's Day, after all.  Candy and I are here to be with Mom on this day.

This morning we went to a brunch; it was given by one of our distant relatives because two of our cousins from Montana so Dad wanted us to go.  Candy and I were under the impression that there would be hundreds and millions of people and didn't want to go.  But we did, and found that it was just "intimate" family.  Candy got to know our cousins; as the baby (snicker), she didn't remember them.  Also, when they were here last year, she wasn', and I was.

Be that as it may, the Sheridan girls are lots of fun so we had a very good time.  Rosemary and Ann were here but Peggy was not (sigh).

Mom and I went shopping while Dad and Candy went to the cemetery.

And, now back to our regularly scheduled program . .... this is about Mom.  I have been thinking of some of the memories as I was growing up.

We lived in Bemidji, MN, when I was in second and third grades.  A fond memory was that in the summer, we would take blankets for bedding and lie on the floor to rest and / or nap while Mom read to us.

At about the same age, we went to Mom's hometown to visit.  One night the adults went out to my uncle's farm while my older cousin watched us.  I woke up during the night after dreaming that my mom had died.  I started crying and no one could comfort me.  When Mom came back, after what seemed days, she came into the bedroom to give me a hug.  She was coll from the cold night air and I was hot from crying.  Once she was back, I fell asleep and slept the rest of the night, much to the relief of my cousin.  You might ask, "Why didn't someone call my mom?"  Back then, the farm did not have a phone!

When I was older, Mom got season tickets to Community Concerts and took to enjoy classical music, ballets and operas.  She also taught me to LISTEN to music and to identify different instruments in an orchestra, just by sound.

These, and many other memories, are what make my mom so special.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you!

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Mary Ann said...

I love to hear stories about people's parents... and love this picture of your mom. My mother looked quite the same in her later years, living in mostly housecoats and housedresses in her small place. She enjoyed a cup of coffee at the table, too.