Monday, May 28, 2012

It is NOT today!

All over the United States, people are celebrating Memorial Day today.  Well, let me tell you, children, Memorial Day is NOT today!  Yes, I have ranted in past years about traditionally holding Memorial Day on May 30th, not on the last Monday of the month.

This year, I will not rant or rave, but just “go with the flow” - I will have my own personal memorial on Wednesday, with or without anyone else.  And I will take today, as all others have, to remember those who need to be remembered.

One of the reasons I am accepting it is because of something I heard last night.  I was watching the PBS Memorial Day special; someone said, “Memorial Day should not just be one day out of the year but something we do every day.  We should take a few minutes every day to stop and thank those who have given us our freedom with their sacrifices.”  Amen to that!

So today, and also this weekend, I am taking time to remember those in my family who have given themselves in honor of our country.

My Dad: he is almost 92; he served in World War Two and in the Korean War.  He stayed in the Air Force until he retired.

My husband, Norm: he is 68; he served during the Viet Nam War but was never sent over there.  He spent his Army time in the States and in Germany. 

My brother: he was 64 when he died.  He served in Viet Nam and then came home to serve for several years more in the Army, then left to work in the civilian world. His death was caused (directly or in-directly) by the effects of the war.

My brother-in-laws: Darrell was in the army, in Korea.  Wayne was in the Navy during the Viet Nam era.

There were members of the Childs family who served in battle during the Revolutionary War and also in the Civil War.

And then there are millions of others to whom I am not related who served, suffered and died or survived and suffered, all to give us our freedom.

Thank you, one and all.  Without you men and women who have sacrificed for all of us, we would not be able to write negative letters to the newspapers, write negative blogs or even write negative comments to blogs or Face Book comments - we would probably be accused of treason.  Freedom of speech is one of the freedoms that we all hold so dear!  Let us not forget who gave us those freedoms and who are still fighting to allow us to be free.

And on a side note: I have been married for nearly 46 years.  Just this last week it dawned on me how lucky I am that Norm did NOT go to Viet Nam.  He was offered a promotion (with more money) if he re-signed for another tour of duty when his discharge was near.  He knew that if he did re-enlist, he would have been sent directly to Viet Nam from Germany.  Thank the Good God that he did not.  He came home to meet me and the rest is history!  Thank you, Norm, for giving your time but choosing to not give more!

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