Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to normal

Candy and I got home Wednesday afternoon and I got back to doing normal things - weaving, cooking, washing dishes (sigh), computer work, chores and enjoying my yard.

I came home to irises in a vase in the kitchen (thank you, Norm) and flowers starting to bloom in the yard.  There are the yellow irises that are now beaten to a pulp with our hurricane force (it seemed) winds.  The yellow roses from Norm’s mom’s yard (Candy says they are “Harrison’s” - also known as “The Yellow Rose of Texas) are starting to bloom.  Grandpa Saueressig’s white rose (no identified name, as of yet) has one bud opening and others coming.  Our Bittersweet is growing, our Winterberry is blooming.  Jill’s two roses have buds.  The pink roses (don’t know that name, either) have small buds but are slow coming.

All the flowers are wind-whipped.  We’ve had heavy winds since Wednesday when we got home, gusting up to 40 MPH at times.  And the wind has been from the south, now is from the north.
My Goldfinch are eating heavily and are flitting around, adding color.  I saw a blue bird yesterday that I THINK is a Blue Bunting, but looks so very much like a blue Goldfinch!  Then, this morning, I was startled by a knocking on the window - I looked and it was a female Baltimore Oriole pounding on the window and yelling at me.  By the time I got the camera (which was too close to the window this time), she had left but her partner-in-crime and husband was flying around from post to post.  We did not have the oriole feeder out yet, so I quickly grabbed a bowl and grape jelly, then took it out with a wire bookcase / table we have on the deck.  By the time I got back in, the two were fighting over the jelly.

This is my blue bird ... so, what is it?  A very cold Goldfinch, or what?

The lilacs froze, so we have no blooms this year, but the wild phlox are going great guns.  A few years ago the sheep ate all that we had in one area, so Norm transplanted some so we can have the sheep in the north pasture and still have phlox blooming around.

Yesterday, Saturday, Norm went to an auction, so dropped me off at Jody’s for the day.  We had a nice peaceful day with tea, lunch (I introduced her to fried noodles) and visiting.  Then Norm collected me - his biggest purchase was a heat gun and three boxes of canning jars - and we went home to supper and storms. 

Today it is nice and sunny out, finally - it has been in the mid 50s and 60s all day.  The wind is now blowing at “only” 20 MPH and I’m watching the birds at the feeders.

It was a pleasant week with Mom and Dad; the trip home was pleasant except for the wind.  I enjoy being with my sister; she drives while I ride, which makes MY trip pleasant!  We usually take my van but this time we ran into a problem that rarely happens.  We had TOO MUCH ROOM in the van while coming home!  We went shopping at Rapid City’s Sam’s and didn’t buy enough!  We were going to stop and get more stuff but were too tired after all our running around, so just put our suitcases and bags of hand-me-down items from Mom.  She is cleaning out her things and we get to pick what we want, then pass on to others what we don’t need.  The van felt rattle-ly, being so empty, but we managed.

It was a beautiful week; it is a beautiful day today.  You have a beautiful day.

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