Friday, April 06, 2012

“Write if you find work!”

Every time I go somewhere without Norm, he always says that!  He thinks he’s clever.

Last week when we girls went to Swan Lake, Norm told us that - so Bitty got a piece of paper and wrote him a letter.  He got the biggest kick out of it!  So did I and so did Bitty!
She is such a clever girl!  I am so proud of her and so proud of Bubba, too!

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Laura said...

I love it!
It reminds me of a story my husband's sister once told me. When she was in high school band and used to practice her clarinet, her father (my father-in-law) used to ask her, "Can you play long ago and far away?"
Get it?! I don't know why I connected the two. Just been thinking about my father-in-law lately...