Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

Do you remember these?  I don't, either!  

I know I'm dating myself, but I was born at Tyndall Field during WWII and Dad was a training pilot in Florida.  He then went overseas and Mom and I moved up to North Dakota while he was gone. 

We have all heard, I am sure, of rationing in England and Europe, but not much is mentioned of rationing in the United States.

I remember even during the Korean War that we saved tin cans.  I don't remember the waste fats, but that would be something that Mom did in the kitchen.  We kids would take the cans down in the basement of our house (this was when I was about six or seven) and would take the paper off the washed cans and smash them.  At least I THINK we took paper off ... they may have been just printed on ... Mom would know!

I looks like I didn't use many coupons ... at least not for coffee!

I don't remember much but I know that those times were tough for everyone, military and civilian.  I hope our country - well, the whole world, actually - never has to go through that again.

Although I know that many parts of the world are going through very tough times; and these people not only don't have ration coupons, they don't have food to get if they DID have the coupons!  I hope and pray that these people will soon get over the tough times.  There is food enough for everyone in the world; we should be able to distribute it so no one goes hungry or starves to death.

(My lecture for the day - I'm done, now!)

It's a beautifully chilly day - got down to 18º this morning.  You have a beautiful day.

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