Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weaving Weekend XIII

Candy and I headed up to our annual weekend in Aberdeen, SD. This is (let me think) our 4th weekend, I believe. Yes, has to be! When Marie and daughter Kelly started the weekend event, it was a “Help one another weave” weekend but morphed into spinning, knitting and crocheting for the most part, although Marie would bring her triangle loom and someone would do something on that every year.Two years ago they asked me why I didn’t bring a loom; last year I took Cherry (Norm made her for me) and everyone drooled over her. Marie even ordered a loom of her own because of Cherry’s beauty. 

Marie's loom, in progress

This year I took Little Sister (for some reason, Candy seemed to object to that name!).  By the end of Saturday morning, we had 7 (count them!  SEVEN!) looms of one sort or another.  That was a thrill for me - I wandered around looking (and, yes, drooling) at all of them.

So, let’s see, we got there about 4:00 on Friday and got set up.  We took our bedding into the dorm and found beds, then went back in to visit and visit and set up more completely.  We had a potluck supper (with wine for those inclined) and worked on our projects, caught up with news from friends we only see once or twice a year, and then went to bed at optional times.  Some of the gals went for a lovely walk - it WAS beautiful night and others sat and visited (or went to bed, like Candy and I).

Saturday was the same - breakfast was an egg bake with my eggs and lots of fruit and breads of all kinds.

Lunch was a lot of cold meats and buns and salads and fruit.  Dinner was catered in - a shepherd’s pie, salads and fruit and breads.  Candy had never even heard of a shepherd’s pie .... so I will tell all of you in case you fit in Candy’s category.

Shepherd’s pie is a filling, homey meal of cooked meat – this time was cooked ground beef, vegetables (peas and carrots this time), a little bit of liquid to make it not-dry, and mashed potatoes on top ... lots of mashed potatoes on top!  It is then baked in the oven until hot and the potatoes browned some.  A very simple meal.  I believe it’s called “shepherd’s pie” because it was originated by shepherds who would start the meal of leftover meat and vegetables and bake it in a SLOW oven all day while they were outside working with the sheep.  A fitting meal for we fiber-addicted women.

We had a speaker that was to speak on the history of women in fiber but spoke mostly on what she, personally, had made.  Yes, she does remarkable cross-stitch and yes, she is an independent women’s-rights woman, but she did NOT speak enough on the history of women struggling to make the fiber “crafts” accepted as “art.”  Nice gal, though.  Just saying what *I* would have preferred to hear her talk about.

Sunday was left-over egg-bake and commercial rolls and donuts and stuff.  We ate leftovers for lunch before heading home.

Candy and I left at noon and got home about 4½ hours later (give or take).  It was a beautiful sunny day that gradually built into over-cast and dampish, but there was not much wind so the trip was great.

Okay, so more details: Connie H brought an 8-harness loom (36 inches wide) that she was threading up for some hand towels.  She had a sample of a towel she had made before - it has little white lambs running around on an edge.  Julie does re-cycled weaving; her project was a cashmere/mohair scarf made from old sweaters torn apart (“frogged”) and plied together.  Kelly was working on the triangle loom with some fine handspun yarn for a scarf.  Marie wanted me to help her thread her new rigid heddle loom; she got it ready for weaving and had actually gotten several inches done.

Annikki is a weaver, spinner, knitter, crocheter and was doing potholders for her family in Finland, where she will go visit this summer.  Shay did spinning; Jill wove on an inkle loom.  Kathy learned to warp her new rigid heddle and started a handspun cotton scarf.  Candy worked on a purple fleece ... beautiful in the fleece AND in the yarn.  Others (many others) spun, knit, crocheted.  

We all learned new techniques and taught to those who needed to know what we knew.  I finished my warp with cotton chenille and showed Marie how to warp a four-harness loom, then started some “mug rugs.”

This is an annual affair and it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  We stayed, for the 3rd year, at a youth camp near Aberdeen.  It has a large hall with fireplaces on both ends.  The one on the end where we were set up was gas.  Kelly and Jill fought with the mechanics of it until it lit (with Kelly’s head in the fireplace .. we thought she might put her hair on fire, but she didn’t).  The heat of the gas fireplace warmed up the chilly hall.  There IS heat but it’s forced air and it tends to get chilly with cement floors and stone walls.  There are dormitories; we stayed in one, but might have to extend to a second one if we get much larger.  Some come from local areas and don’t spend the night.  Others come for the whole weekend. 

We had good food, good laughter, great fiber-related work.  We missed some (yes, you, especially, Ann - we talked about you a lot!) and hope that they can come next year.

While getting ready for this event, being there and coming home, I have missed some important dates that didn’t get mentioned.

Last week on the 19th was Holocaust Remembrance Day; there were many events going on but I didn’t see much in the news (sigh).  Sunday the 22nd was Earth Day .. Did you do anything to honor Mother Earth?  I was traveling so didn’t do much, but Candy and I car-pooled to the weekend, so does that count?  And I am hanging out laundry on the line today - late but still ......  And Shakespeare’s birthday was the 23rd.  A lot of people don’t like to read Shakespeare but watching plays or movies are easier to understand. 

So, on to pictures of this wonderful weekend.

PS .. forgot to send links ... sorry!
    Kelly and Marie
    Kathleen Taylor
   Julie    Sorry to see that your car got hit by a deer on the way home!
There should be others but I forgot to get links for websites or emails.  Both Kathy and Julie have more pictures on their blogs - and Kathy has a picture of Connie's lovely sheep towel.

Look closely behind Connie - you can see her mint green towel with lambs!  Woven on this lovely loom.

Kelly did some natural dyeing.

It is a beautiful day today, you have a beautiful day.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Lovely post- I only got to stay one day but it was such a fantastic day. It was great to see you again (and I'm going to link to your post so my blog people can see your pics).

Laura said...

What a wonderful weekend. Always makes me wish I did...something. I always talk, and sometimes try, but never fully get into any of my old hobbies, such as knitting, crocheting and needlework.