Sunday, April 08, 2012

New Friends, old friends

... and a great fiber-filled day!

The first Saturday of the month, as most of you know, is our "Stitches" day in Storden.  We have decided to not hold Stitches in the winter because of weather - although this year would have been "do-able." So we have April as our first session of the year.

The weather was great (even if it WAS windy) and we had a great time.

Candy was there, I was there, Betty was there.  Lois didn't come (family there for Easter).  But we had Jody, who is moving back down here, Brenda (who had been once a year ago) and Peg, brand new.

Candy was spinning some lovely purple Rambouillet mixed with Corriedale and some silk (I think).  Betty was spinning green-dyed Mohair from her own goats.  Jody was just knitting and talking - soaking in companionship, as she's been gone so long.  Brenda mentioned she wanted to learn to spin so I took a spinning wheel for her to try (she thought I was joking) and she learned enough to know she wants to spin.  Peg brought her brand-new (to her) wheel and I gave her LuLu's fleece (Corriedale cross) for spinning.

Brenda has a new-to-her loom that her husband surprised her with, so she's going to try to learn on her own but will call me if she runs into problems.  She did a great job with her learning and is thinking about getting a wheel, maybe.

Peg has three looms and is learning four-harness weaving on her new one.  

So we have new weavers as well as new spinners.  Fantastic!
I had met Peg at New Ulm in March and found that she lives only about forty miles away; she purchased a wheel off of Etsy (which she had me approve of, first), named her "MaryB" after her husband's grandmother and showed up early in the day.

I forgot my camera (shame on me) but Peg had hers, so I took pictures ... they are on her brand new blog, Weaving Dandelion Dreams, so head over there to see some pictures of some lovely spinners.  (Didn't get Jody - she wasn't there at picture-taking time.)  And, Peg?  Tell your story of Mary and Ben!

Peg is going to make a great spinner - problems, of course, but she is learning and quickly.  We ran into tension problems and it took three of us to figure out that the previous owner had put the tension springs on wrong (I don't use "Scotch" tension, so it was a leaning experience for me); we got it fixed and MaryB spun beautifully.  We needed oil for the wheel and none of us had any spinning oil, so I dug in the kitchen of the Center and found some Pam ... a paper towel to catch drips and I sprayed all moving parts ... worked great in a pinch!

After everyone left, I sat weaving on "Little Sister" ... still working on a project.  Norm had dropped me off and helped unload my stuff, so he came back at five and loaded me back up.  Went home, unloaded again and I fell into the recliner and slept through most of Prairie Home Companion!

I am so pleased with having more people show up for "A Stitch in Time;"  it's been Candy's and my dream to have our little group grow and to teach others our passions.  

It's a beautiful day this morning - I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

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