Friday, April 13, 2012

My friend, Jody

When we lived / worked at Historic Murphy’s Landing, I gave spinning lessons to “outlanders” on a semi-regular basis.  My boss, Deanna, forced encouraged me to share my “talents” with those who wanted to learn.  During one of these sessions, a young woman joined and had difficulties in learning, so she spent most of her time learning how to card.

At a later date, I took my Sheltie, Meggie, to a groomer in Shakopee and discovered that the owner was this same young woman, named Jody.  I had Jody groom Meggie on a regular basis until she sold the shop (and continued with the new owner).                               

Then we moved to Ash Lane Farm and settled in.  One Sunday several years after we moved here, Norm came home from church announcing “You’ll never guess who I found in church!” - and behind him came Jody!  She and her fiancé had purchased a homestead just 2 ½ miles from us and had gone to the church which is just across the road from their new home.

It was very exciting to renew my friendship with Jody.  She has such enthusiasm and such energy that she inspires me to do my best and to do more than I want, just to keep up with her.

Jody was down in this area for too brief a time until she moved back up to the cities to be with her Mom where they rented a house together.

Jody’s health went downhill with a brain tumor very like son-in-law Ken’s.  Then the day before she was scheduled for surgery, her Mom died.  Jody has been struggling with recovery and with the loss of her mother, but has been wanting to move back down here.

Things are now turning around for my dear friend.  She became a grandmother in January; then she sold some land in the Black Hills and had the finances to purchase a place of her own - her VERY own.

Now that Jody is moving down here, again, we will be able to do more things together.  Jody is my “PIC” - “Partner in Crime” - and we can get into all kinds of trouble together.  We already have plans for her to make a Prairie Dress so she can be at Walnut Grove with me during Laura Ingalls Wilder days there.  We have plans for sharing chickens and sheep (and maybe goats?).  She will probably join Candy and I for our monthly trips to Mankato for shopping; she might even join us for some of our fiber weekends.  Since Jody is down here most of the time, getting her house fixed up, she has started to re-join us at our “Stitches” day in Storden.

I am so excited that she is moving down!  It will be great to have her back “home.”  Jody had to make a decision when she bought her place.  She wanted to be close to her granddaughter, but she also wanted to be down here.  I told her to chose the place that called to her heart, not the people.  Now that she has chosen here, she has gotten a web cam so she can Skype with her daughter and granddaughter - after she gets her computer moved down and her new Internet service hooked up.

Welcome, Jody!  I’m glad you are here!  Your “big brother,” Norm, is glad, as well!

 Jody with granddaughter and proud papa!

Jody's new home

It's a windy, rainy spring day, but beautiful, none-the-less.  You have a beautiful day!

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Peg said...

What a lovely entry Connie!!! You and Jody are so fortunate to have that "special" friendship!