Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A busy weekend

This past Friday, Norm and I headed up to the Cities.  We knew we wouldn’t be seeing any of the kids for Easter, so decided to go up to visit now.

It’s been way too long, as usual, since we saw them last.  I got such goooood hugs from the girls - nearly knocked off my feet by the hugs!     

Joy and Ken are getting their house re-sided and Norm was there to help where he could.  It was cold and wet and not very comfortable outside!

Saturday was filled with working outside.  The girls were raking leaves and I trundled them up the compost pile in the wheel barrel.   We had to quit rather early to get ready for a ballet.  

Two of the girls’ friends are ballet students in a company that was putting on Swan Lake.  Joy made arrangement for her and the girls to usher; I was included, so we all were able to go and watch (for free) for the simple act of taking tickets, handing out programs and showing people where to sit.  This was my first live Swan Lake and the girls’ first live ballet.  They loved it (well, so did I!)!!

Sunday was April Fools’ Day but we didn’t do anything foolish (well, not right at first!).  Norm and I met Jill and Eric at a dog park; Peanut’s first trip to one, and she did very well.  A dog park is a park made particularly for dogs and owners; the park is well fenced and safe; all dogs that go are required to be well-behaved around other dogs and around people.  The dogs are off lead and can go anywhere they want.  Peanut followed me quite closely at first, but then got braver and led me along the path for awhile.  She would hide behind me when a big dog came by but seemed pretty “cool” with it all.  Remy and Hank love the dog park.  Hank loves swimming so was in the water a lot.  The park is set up with about a mile of walking trail and lots of bush and grass and water around and in the middle.  There is a picnic shelter in the middle to sit down at to rest.  You can’t eat in the park but there are picnic tables outside of the park for that.  So we walked once around, went out and had lunch and a break and then walked around again.  Lots of time to visit with Eric and Jill and enjoy all the neat dogs - purebred, mixed, big, little, slow, fast, wet, dry.  The weather started out cold and humid, but the sun came out and it warmed up nicely.

 Norm and I went back to Joy’s where we had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and watched a movie while eating.

Monday, Norm took the girls to Menards for some wood shopping; Joy and I went to Best Buy.  I have decided that I would like to get a tablet instead of up-grading my Kindle to the Kindle Fire.  So we went to allow me to get “hands on” experience and talk to a tech about the tablet I have chosen.  It’s an Acer Iconia TAB A100. I am also looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus .  I will have to save up some money to pay for it, but I am pretty sure that I will get one or the other.

Coming home, then, there was more siding to be done, more work around outside; then packing up the used siding to deliver to my friend, Jody, who is moving back down into our area.   The weather man had predicted rain but it never came, thank goodness, and we were able to stay outside and work most of the day.

Bitty and Joy went to a local College for Bitty to take her college exams.  She is only in tenth grade, but qualifies for that special high school / college thingie where she will go to high school part time and college part time.  She will then graduate from high school with two years of college under her belt.  The test was given on computers, so she had her score before she left the college.  Next she will be going to see a counselor to see what classes she will be taking on campus next year!  I am overwhelmed with pride; my sweet grandbaby is not only old enough to be doing this but is smart enough to be considered an honors English student in the first year of college!

 April Fools

Yep, crazy things were done on the first - two teens made all kinds of fun jokes.  We had green milk.  We had rocks in beds, masking tape across a doorway, soapy door handles, ice blocks in pillows.  The rocks were in Bitty’s bed, which I sleep in when we are there; I took them out for sleeping, put them back in and made the bed the next morning without commenting about the rocks.  I asked Joy if Bitty had noticed the rocks and was told “it’s not April Fool’s anymore.”  I told her it was “payback.”

We got home late Monday night, checked on chickens, brought in only perishable things to go into the freezer or fridge and fell into bed.  As much as I like going up to visit, being in my own bed is great (especially if there are no rocks in it).

It was a beautiful weekend.  You have a beautiful day.


Laura said...

Sounds like a very busy, but great weekend. Of course, any time with family is the best!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good weekend with family..Happy Easter to you and Norm:)