Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14, 1865

Where were you then?  Yes, a long time ago; not even I was there.  But I remember (well, nearly every year).

And what happened then?

Yes, John Wilkes Booth walked into the Presidential Box at Ford Theater and shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head.  Lincoln died the next day, the 15th of April.

Booth's desire was to assassinate the top three leaders (President Lincoln, Secretary of State Seward and Vice President Johnson) in order to give bargaining power and more strength to the already defeated South.  He was also angry about the plan to give the slaves citizenship.

Only Lincoln was shot - the men in charge of the other assassinations either lost courage or lost the chance to kill.

This was the first Presidential assassination and it was devastating to the Union.  It was also devastating to the South, as well; Lincoln planned a much gentler acceptance of the Confederates back into the Union.  Johnson had a harsher plan that brought the already wounded South to it's knees; it took years for the southern states to recover.

Was there anything on the news today?  Will there be on, tonight?  People, we must NOT forget our history.  That history can come back and bite it (well, it already has, with three others killed after Lincoln).

Keep this day in your memories!


Laura said...

It amazes me, on these days of historical significance, what ends up as news with not even a mention of what should never be forgotten.

Nezzy said...

I always catch the news and not nary a word was spoke of this significant event in our American History.

May we not forget. Thanks for the post sweetie!!!

God bless and have a glorious week my friend!!! :o)