Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

This picture was taken in about 1955 or so.  We lived in Japan and spent almost every summer day at the beach.  The ocean behind us is the Japan Sea.  It's hard to believe, looking at me now, but I was a tom-boy and very, very active when growing up.  So were my sisters.  In fact, we were probably more active, in some ways, than our brother.  

This is Cara and I, playing during lunch "break."  Back then, boys and girls, it was firmly believed that you needed to stay out of the water for an hour after eating.  We sort-of did.  We put on shorts and shirts over our swim suits and waded until "safe" to go back swimming.

We are digging in the sand, picking up seaweed and driftwood.  It looks like we might be digging for clams but I don't think this part of the beach had clams.  I don't remember them, anyway, and if there had been, we would have surely found them!

There were times that we were the only ones on the beach.  We would stay as late as allowed.  Mom would read under a beach umbrella while we frolicked in the water and the life-guards would sit and watch us patiently.  Never once do I remember a guard coming over and telling Mom is was time for us to go so they could give up for the day and go home.  Sometimes there were strong winds and storms and we would chase the big waves back from the shore.

Those were the days!  No worries except how to talk Mom into staying just a little bit longer!

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Magickafoot said...

What a beautiful pic , Connie . My son (age 25) thinks his generation were the last to be able to spend whole days just playing at the beach (parent's time constraints now , kids being more protected)

I kind of agree. It's sad. I love that your Mom stayed all day with you , just doing her own thing.