Sunday, March 04, 2012

I saw the green camel!

And what, might you ask, is a green camel?  Well, to make a long story short, there was once a sweet, innocent (cough, cough) young lady who was learning how to knit.  She knew nothing about fiber and watched someone spinning some green fiber.  When she asked what it was, she was told that it was camel that was being spun.  She said “I didn’t know there were green camels!” and then learned a new fiber word ..... “dyeing.”  That comment was never forgotten and when the gang wanted to start a fiber weekend, they decided to call it “The Green Camel.”

This was my first time attending.  Candy went last year and insisted that I come this year; I will continue to go again next year.  Green Camel is held only about an hour from home, which made it quite convenient for me to get there.  The weather was mild (30s) but very windy so it was cold unpacking.  I had several friends help take my stuff into the building which is a 1917 brick Danish folk school, called Danebrod.

Once in, I never left until time to pack up and leave the next day.  This fiber event runs from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon.  They are talking about making it a three day / two night event, which would be nice.  Once I got there, I really didn’t want to leave.

The folk school building has three stories - we took up the first floor with the spinners, knitters, crocheters and me, the single weaver (I took “Little Sister”).  There were about 30 of us on Friday night for supper in the lovely basement kitchen / dining area.  Several more showed up on Saturday so I think there was a total of about 40 people.  I couldn’t count them all as no one stayed still very long.

There were items for sale (I bought two weaving magazines), yarn, fiber (no camel) and accessories.  Candy bought a silk “hankie” ... this is a bunch of silk, pre-dyed and ready to spin; it’s pressed into the size of a hankie and you pull off what you want to spin; she also bought some beautiful gold fiber to spin.  I might get a hankie sometime in the future.

The organizers were Jill M and Ann V and Peg A.  Ann (Crazy or Crabby Ann) was the boss if Jill wasn’t around to hear her state that fact.  They did a wonderful job.  The meals were excellent, the rooms well planned - although next year they need to give the old ladies rooms closer to the bathroom!  Candy and I shared a room which worked - we compromised on the heat - she likes sleeping hot and I like sleeping cold.  But if there are separate rooms next time, we will sleep separately.  I will open a window and she will have her room toasty.

There were door prizes given.  One of the prizes was a small bag of green camel fiber (would have loved that).  Candy got a spinning wheel planter with cactus - which she loves - and I got a bag of yarn and a pattern for a Norwegian sweater.  I”m going to see if I can bribe Joy into knitting a jacket for me.

So, a good time was had by all!  I have pictures to share with you, so here they be!

 Notice that all three have hand spun, hand knit sweaters (or vest)

 An advantage of having the sleeping rooms in the same building - you can join in the fun in your jammies!

It was a beautiful weekend.  Today is a beautiful snowy day with no wind to speak of.  I was welcomed home this morning with a goldfinch sitting on my living room window.  You have a beautiful day.


Magickafoot said...

What a bunch of friendly looking Women - looks like a great weekend was had by all!


Kathleen Taylor said...

What a wonderful gathering! Thank you for the recap and pictures. I hope to attend next year!

CrystalVision said...

Its obvious a good time was had by all!

Nezzy said...

Oh thank you so much for lettin' us tag along with ya through your beautiful pictures. I almost felt like I was there.

What fun...ya can tell by those lovely happy faces.

God bless ya and have yourself a beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)