Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At long, long, long, LONG last!

When I lived in Rapid City, SD, over 25 years ago, I discovered a new business, a Tea House, and soon got hooked on one of their bulk teas.  This addiction lasted only about a year, as these brave but foolish people had chosen the wrong city to introduce specialty teas and had to close shop.

The tea that I became hooked on was a spicy one with cinnamon and orange and other spices.  I would open my tea jar and sniff the raw tea and get a high (yes, I admit it, I’m a cheap drunk and druggie).  And to drink the tea was to reach the highs of heaven. 

Soooooooo, when the store closed, my supply ran out and I was devastated.  I have spent these past 25+ years looking for that tea.  Constant Comment is a good tea, but not even close.  I have an orange spice that I tried .... close, but no cigars!

Every time that I went to a shop that carried bulk teas, I would try to describe the tea and if the store had something like, they’d look for it, but usually I would get strange looks.

Just recently I joined a FaceBook group called “Homesteading and Homemade.”  I got the brilliant idea to ask them if they knew of the tea I have been searching for.  My good friend Candy D from New York  went looking and found several choices.

And, Lo! and Behold! ... she FOUND IT!!  I ordered a sample that came yesterday in the mail.  I opened the plastic bag and sniffed .. and KNEW that it was the tea, even before I tasted it.

Now, last year my Mom gave me a tea pot that is a two-cup one with a diffuser that I brought out and used.

I am in heaven .. sniffing and sipping and rolling over in the clover!

The tea is from Dori’s Tea Cottage  and is called “Hot Cinnamon Spice.”  I had ordered a sample that has lasted 2 days – I have now ordered a package of the tea and will anticipate the arrival of my taste of heaven.  Go visit .. they have other teas, as well, in bulk. 

Bulk, loose-leaf tea is much better than tea bags ... the tea bags are actually filled with the sweepings of what has been processed for loose-leaf.  Even if it’s more convenient (and I will admit I mostly use tea bags), it’s not as good.  And this Hot Cinnamon Spice has got to be the world’s best spice tea!  Try it, you’ll like it!


Candy Duell said...

Connie, I love the tea also, it is wonderful I have never had such "fun" tea. I know that is a odd word to use, but it is the one I could think of that is closest to how I feel about it. YUM!

ahnn said...

I never tried the tea. That is very intriguing. I will be looking for it.

Speciality Teas

Far Side of Fifty said...

your wait is over! Isn't it funny how some really good things are very hard to find. I bet you have trees breaking bud your way..the Pussy willows came out yesterday...unbelievable MN weather:)
The word verification is a real struggle ..I will try again