Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

This is Norm's grandma Peterson.  Norm can't remember what her first name was (Eileen, do you know?); Betty or Lena, he thinks!

Anyway, this is Grandma with Teddy, Norm's oldest brother, and Bessie, his oldest sister.  Unfortunately, neither one of them are with us today. Bessie died of cancer and Teddy died of heart failure. 

This was taken at the home place for Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.  This was several miles west of the home ranch in western South Dakota; a friend of the family now owns the place.

The date on the picture is 1935.  It could have been taken at anytime during the year, except for winter; the 30s were very dry in South Dakota, as they were for the rest of the Plains States.

I never met either of Norm's grandparents as they were "long gone" (he says) before I met Norm.  I never bet Bessie ... she lived in California and never came to South Dakota after I met Norm.  I do remember Teddy, fondly.

Teddy got kicked in the head by a horse and also had thyroid problems as a child;  he never developed mentally after that.  He was also very large, partially due to Peterson genes (Norm's Dad was very large) and partially because of his thyroid problem. Teddy lived at home the rest of his life and devoted that life to making sure things ran well and were in place on the ranch. When someone lost something, we turned to Teddy to help find that object.  He paid attention to THINGS and always knew where lost things could be found.

One year in our early marriage, we lived on the ranch for a summer so that Norm could help his dad and brother with haying.  I had a young kitten and he got lost one time;  I was frantic, thinking a hawk or coyote had gotten him.  Teddy heard him in the hayloft where he had climbed up but couldn't figure out how to get down (you used a ladder attached to the wall to climb up through a trap door in the floor); Teddy climbed up and brought Snowball down.  I will always remember that big, gentle giant carrying a tiny white kitten in his hands, bringing him back to me!

PS .. that building behind them is not the house but a workshop.  Looks very much like the one that Norm's dad had on the ranch ... half workshop, half garage and an "attic" above for his mom to store "stuff."


Glenda in Co said...

He spent a lot of time watching over us kids as we grew up!

Jan said...

Oh what a lovely old picture!

Nezzy said...

That's a wonderful old photo. I just adore goin' through the old trunk gazin' at ours.

What a sweet story, I especially love Teddy. I could almost see him in that hayloft rescuin' the kitty for you. Priceless!!!

God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)