Monday, February 27, 2012

Modern technology and granddaughters

When our granddaughters were born, we lived twenty minutes from their house; we saw them often, sometimes once a week (or more).  Now we live three hours apart and it’s difficult for all of us to be separated that far.  The plan, when we moved, was that we would go up once a month and they would come down once a month, hence seeing each other twice a month.  Didn’t work!  Sometimes it’s almost three months (in the winter, especially) between visits.

Now, I realize that a lot of grandparents only see their grandchildren once or twice a year, but we are spoiled and won’t go through that again (as when the kids lived in Florida and it WAS once a year)!

Bitty is building a transporter and has been for a couple of years, but she keeps running into problems. First, she ran out of screws and these were special order ones, and she had to wait for more to be made.  Then she dropped the specialty wrench inside the machine and had to tear it apart to get the wrench out.  Now she has forgotten the password and is struggling to remember it.

But until she gets that transporter finished so the girls can pop over here for a special supper or to play with foster lambs, we had to figure out another way to communicate.  We talked on the phone but actually talked more why typing on Skype.

Thanks to my upgraded, up-speeded Internet server, I can now use my built-in webcam to video “conference” friends.  (Yes, children, I am still taking the wheels off my chair and using a seat-belt to keep myself from falling or spinning due to the speed I now have.)  But none of the kids’ computers had working webcams, except Ken’s, and he is always working on it, so we couldn’t kick him off his computer so we could talk.

So for Joy and Ken’s anniversary, we bought them a webcam to use with conditions.  I hate giving gifts with conditions, but this time I did ... the camera had to be used to talk to us at least once a week.

So now the talking and faces merge and it’s almost like being together, except for no hugs.  On Saturday I put the laptop on a TV tray so the girls could watch me feed lambs (we have fosters already this year); I then “took them” into the pantry to see the new shelves their grandpa was putting up for me.  We also figured out how to take pictures from what we were seeing on the screen.

I had the girls take a picture for my mother.  Then I had to explain to Mom how the technology worked.

This is a great way of communicating in these modern times.  My friend, Candy D from New York, got a webcam to talk to her daughter and grandson in Florida.  My friend, Jody, is moving down here this spring so got one to talk to her daughter and see her new-born granddaughter once she moves down.

It’s a beautiful day today as we wait for the “promised” storm coming tomorrow.  I hear the lambs calling for breakfast as I finish this post.  You have a beautiful day!


Roses around the door... said...

Hi Connie please put pics on of your shelves norm is making in the pantry!
Louie was just getting ready to make a start on our old kitchen which is going to be a utility area,when the phone rang and a job came in, so once again work in the home had to wait.Never mind, i know we are near to making a start.
Best wishes jackie x

Jan said...

Isn't technology wonderful!