Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It should have been two years!

Two years ago today was their wedding.  One day less than two months later, Charles left us.

This picture was taken in St. Joseph, Missouri.  When Charles told us he was engaged, he wanted us to meet Donna.  Candy and I drove down and spent the weekend with Donna and Charles and had a great time.  We were looking forward to having many years of visiting with the two of them.

None of us went to the wedding; it was during the winter, in dicey weather and Charles was nervous about us traveling.  

So this weekend was the last time that we saw Charles.  We saw Donna again in May when Candy, Norm and I met the folks in Oklahoma to be with Donna for Charles' memorial service.  We met his new family for the first time in this unfortunate time and fell in love with his new children.

Charles, we will never forget you.  You left too soon; I know that Donna misses you every day, and we do, as well.

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