Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cara

Today would have been Cara's 64th birthday!  

I remember when she was born.  We lived in Tacoma, Washington; Charles went to stay with some friends of our folks while I went to stay with my mother's sister and her husband.  I can tell you, clearly, what area they lived in (well, what the area LOOKED like).  And Uncle Doc (a dentist) and Auntie Nute (Roberta - my relatives on my mother's side all had crazy nicknames, thanks to my grandfather).  They had 2 Boston Terriers .. I remember them well!

Mom says that Nana was upset because we lived in such a small place and my dad's father, Grandpa Childs, came to stay so there was no room for Nana.  She had been with us when I was born and when Charles was born and felt she should be there for Cara, too.  

Cara was named for Nana.  Nana's name was Caroline.  So Cara was Cara Lynn (close but no cigars, as far as Nana was concerned); all of we 4 children were named C. L.  Constance Lee, Charles LeRoy, Cara Lynn and Candace Laine.

We miss you, Cara! 

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