Monday, January 09, 2012

This is almost as exciting as getting electricity!

When Norm and I first moved from Australia back to Rapid City in 1977 (yes, my friends, waaay back then!), we bought 20 acres out in the country.  And there was no electricity for us, as we were the last people on the line.  We went for 9 months without - and survived a winter, thank you very much, with no problems.  But when they were ready to set us up, we sat and watched the power poles go up, all the way from the second to the last place, over a mile away. Then I would go out and watch the meter clicking away for entertainment (well, for the first month, at least).

Now we are having something else that I am watching with almost the same anticipation!  We are moving from sattelite internet to MVTV wireless .... twice as fast and almost $20 a month cheaper!  Wooo HOOOO!

I will have a new email that I will announce when all of this excitement is over.

Because of all our trees, the only way to hook us up is to to the receiver (is that what it's called?) on a tree in order to reach the tower in Jeffers.  Then the cable will come over to the house; Norm will cover it with wood this winter and bury it this spring.  Soon, soon, my children, I will be up with most of the world!  

Not to say that Federated Wildblue hasn't been wonderful ... it's so much faster than dial-up, but it is still pretty slow and expensive for what I pay for.  

 Norm and technician, Mitch, discussing stuff.  Jeffers is just left of the tree ... about 6 or 8 miles away

Cable leading to the house

It's going to be a beautiful day - nearly 50ยบ.  You have a beautiful day.

(Added later ... new email is  ... and I love it already!


Leslie Shelor said...

Hurray! I just signed up for faster DSL at my new shop. We'll be whizzing along the Internets.

Kathleen Taylor said...