Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

This is my Grandpa Childs, my dad's dad.  Henry Childs was very handy with his hands and with tools; when he came to visit, my mom had things that he would fix in the house for her.  At one time, when I was in first grade, he and I made a bird house together and painted it green (guess I loved green even back then).

He lived in Anacortes, Washington during the latter part of his life.  We would go out to visit relatives, especially my Grandpa.  He lived in a small house surrounded by berry plots.  We would pick blackberries, take them in the house and have cream and sugar (well, I had milk and sugar) on them.  They were still warm from the sun!  

Grandpa died when I was in the eighth grade - we lived in Oklahoma, so Dad flew out for the funeral and we didn't go.  I didn't see his grave until I was several years older.

He was my favorite Grandpa because he was my only one.  My mother's father died when she was a teen, so I never met him.  When I was younger, I wished that Nana would marry Grandpa so they would come to visit us at the same time and we'd have double the visits.  It wasn't until I was older that I realized people did not marry for the convenience of children (or grandchildren).  I still miss Grandpa!

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