Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home again.

Got home yesterday afternoon, stopped and dropped Candy's present off and picked Peanut up.  Now we are in the unpacking mode and organizing again.  Laundry will be tomorrow -- not enough energy today.

So, what did I get for Christmas?  Well, now that Candy has opened hers (haven't heard her reaction, yet), I can show you what I got.

 The doll head came from my Great-Aunt Millie (on my mom's side); cousin Esther had two heads with no hair - remnants of dolls that Millie had given her at one time.  So Dad asked if he could have them - thirty years ago - and decided to fix them up for Candy and I.  The head is a Armand Marseille that was made in Germany about 1915.  He got body parts, wigs, clothing and, with my doll, he got a dachshund and a spinning wheel.  The dolls' name is "Emily" (a friend asked me how I knew and I told her that Emily told me her name).   I'm anxious to see Candy's.

We had a great time - saw the Peterson relatives that live in the area on Saturday and  / or Tuesday.  

We headed home yesterday and had a great trip - even stopped at Al's Oasis in Chamberlain.  I have been going there off and on since I was in college.  I had a buffalo burger yesterday - they are famous for those.  We had beautiful blue skies and very little wind the whole way home.

We picked up Peanut, dropped off Candy's doll (still wrapped) and got home in time to have a simple supper.

How wonderful to have the chance to travel and see relatives.  How wonderful to be home again.  It is a beautiful day today - calm and partially sunny; you have a beautiful day!

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Far Side of Fifty said...

What a wonderful gift! A real treasure! Happy New Year..we got snow yesterday..I bet you did too:)