Wednesday, December 07, 2011

---a date which will live in infamy ---

Today is the seventieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day when the Japanese Government ordered planes to attack Pearl Harbor, thus thrusting the United States into World War II.  Where were you when this happened?

I don't remember (as most of you, I am sure, do not remember, either) but I grew up knowing of this date and I remember it every December.  The date has been engraved in my heart - so many young men and women went to war to fight against tyranny as so many had gone in wars before and so many have gone since.

When will these wars end?  When will there be true peace in the world?  When?  I pray it is my life-time - that I will live to see the end of hostilities in this world.

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to pause and thank all the veterans now living or passed on that put their lives on the lives so that we could live in freedom.  And perhaps we could all do our little bit to begin Peace in the world.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

As the Soldiers slowly disappear so do the people that honor these important dates..Thanks for the reminder Connie:)