Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great Thanksgiving Weekend!

The weather was perfect ... almost!  It was so warm (it got up to 61º on Thursday) that we couldn’t “run” the wood stove as much as we wanted.  We warmed up the house, then let the fire go out.  On Wednesday, the temperature in the house was 78º and I had to open the bedroom window so that I could sleep without feeling I was in a sauna!

Joy, Ken, the girls and Ken’s dad, Bill, came on Wednesday.  My folks came the same day and were at Candy’s. Since we had seven and Candy had six (Cookie and Binni, as well), we had two dinners, one at each place.

Bitty spent time knitting

Cribbage, as usual, went on all weekend.

Friday afternoon, Mom, Dad and Wayne came over for pie and visiting.  Candy stayed home and napped while Cookie and Binni went home, as Cookie had to work that day.

 We had the traditional foods: turkey, dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli with cheese, scalloped corn.  Ken is our resident turkey man, so he was in charge of the turkey, and it was wonderful, as usual.  All of us over-ate, as usual, too.

 Bitty was excited to discover that I had acquired a "REAL" turkey platter!

 Our turkey man carved the turkey

Getting ready to eat

Tasha, stay out!

Saturday morning, everyone but me, myself and I (and the dogs)  went shopping in town; Ken and Bill left from there and went home to the Cities, the rest came back here.
 Joy is spinning llama

 Can you see the fine yarn in her right hand (your left, of course)?

 A touching moment

Tasha needed a bath so was wrapped in blankets to dry
This morning was church, then the traditional macaroni and cheese (we have to have that at least one time while the girls are here).  After the girls had packed their things in the car, we made lefse with some of the left over mashed potatoes.  I got the recipe from Nana’s cookbook (we made one for her 100th birthday); the girls were excited to know that Joy has one as well.  I can imagine that there will be lefse making over there this week.

 Holy lefse, Batman!

 The barber shop is open

Lifting off to go on the griddle

So now the house is quiet.  Peanut is wondering where the kids and Tasha are; I am taking it easy and Norm has been working outside; he just came in with another armload of wood.

Now it is time to get serious about a Christmas letter and Christmas presents.  Most of them will be home-made this year; I certainly hope people will like them!

It has been a beautiful time here at Ash Lane Farm.  I hope you all had a beautiful time yourselves and will have a beautiful day tomorrow.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

What a lovely holiday! Thanks for all the great pictures!