Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fantastic Weekend

First of all, we had our first snowfall, which was only a couple of inches.  It got cold (+4º yesterday morning) but the wind was moderate, so it was "tolerable" outside.

Secondly, and most importantly, Jill came down for the weekend and brought my grandpuppies ... Remy and Hank.    We had a great time.

Hank is a ten month old puppy and is still ALL puppy; delightful, getting into trouble at all times and very loving.   He delighted in sleeping in Peanut's bed ... which was too small for him, but he insisted on fitting in there!  He is Basset cross, perhaps with Beagle.

Remy is Beagle and possibly Basset cross.  He's an adult now and very well behaved.  Jill says she has yelled at Hank more since they got him in July than she has ever yelled at Remy in the time they've had him (three years or more, can't remember).  He never tried Peanut's bed but slept in his own bed.

The two of them really enjoyed being warm by the fire.  Because Remy is a Beagle, he cannot be left off lead at all; Hank might be able to some day, but not now.  So Norm locked the sheep up in the south pasture and gave the boys their own little dog park to run; this was in the east pasture.  Unfortunately it was too cold for Remy so he came in quickly.  Hank stayed out a little bit longer.  However, they enjoyed it and so when they come down on MILD days, they can have their dog park to run in.

Jill requested Dough-Gots for supper on Saturday night - this is fried bread for those of you who do not come from the Saueressig family.  My mom said that when Nana had bread making day she would keep out some dough and fry it for supper.  We put butter and syrup (mostly corn syrup) on them; Norm is a weirdo (you knew that, didn't you?) - he puts peanut butter on his!

There was an accident when I was frying the Dough-Gots - I let one slip in too quickly and it spattered onto my hand.  I quickly slathered aloe vera on my hand so it is starting to feel better now, but there is a nasty blister!

Jill stayed until mid-afternoon, then took the boys and headed home.  Eric was in North Dakota with his family, hunting - it sounds like they got two deer among the whole bunch of them.  They hunt on Eric's grandmother's land. 

Jill was tempted to stay longer - niece Cookie called to say that she and daughter Binni had gone to Joseph and the Technicolor Coat - a high school version.  It was so good, she said, that we were tempted to go up on Sunday to see it.  However, Eric was flying in from Fargo and didn't have a key to the house, so she had to be home to let him in.   I guess she didn't think he'd enjoy sitting on the patio in the cold for a couple of hours (sorry, Eric ... I voted for that idea!).

Once they were gone, it was very quiet; I missed Jill before she was out of the driveway!  I am so grateful that she came down to visit!

It was a beautiful (cold) weekend; today will get up to the low thirties and be sunny.  You have a beautiful day.


Magickafoot said...

the dogs are so CUTE!

We've had no snow in Scotland so far - it's been fantastically mild !


Laura said...

We've just had flurries here. It's getting down in the 20's and 30's at night though (we've had a really mild fall).
Glad you had such a nice visit. But ouch about your burn. Hope it heals quickly!