Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day of Celebration!

Six years ago this evening, Norm fell in the garage and broke his neck.  

He had been working at a packing plant as a maintenance man.  His shift was the swing shift and was supposed to be an eight hour shift, but required overtime made his shift anywhere from nine to eleven hours.  He would come home about two, sleep until about noon and then try to get something done around the house, as we had just moved in a month before.

Both Norm and I decided it was just too hard for him and we were starting to look for another job for him when he fell.

We figure that he was so tired that he was not thinking straight and over-extended on the ladder, caught his feet when he fell and landed straight on his head.

I took him to the VA in Sioux Falls; I thought he had a bad whiplash but he knew his neck was broken (but didn’t tell me - I had a hard time getting to the VA as it was).  The nurses didn’t believe him when he told them he thought it was broken but soon changed their tune when they saw the X-Rays.  The VA sent him via ambulance to one of the civilian hospitals and requested a “neck” man to come operate.

However, Norm had shattered the vertebrae and the doctor could not operate so Norm was put into a “halo” which held his neck firmly in place; he wore this for three months, then was put into a hard collar.  

When either of us felt like complaining about the inconvenience or uncomfortable-ness of the halo (I had to clean the points that went into his head daily), we would remember what we were told.  

Norm should have either been paralyzed or dead. The chances of him surviving were so slim that it was a miracle!

So, on this sixth anniversary, I am stopping to give thanks to all who helped us with morale, prayers and even money (thanks, Charles ... I am eternally grateful to you) because we had no income at all at that time.  And to thank the Universe and the Good God that Norm survived and is nearly normal in his movements.


Celebrating a Christmas that might not have happened!

It is a beautiful day today; you have a beautiful day.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! What a horrible thing to happen, but Thank God with a happy ending. Happy that you both are able to celebrate this sixth anniversary of his survival!

Jan said...

Wow. So glad that's behind you and that Norm is full use of all his faculties (or as much as an old person can have!)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie..You have much to be thankful for!! Have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING:)