Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

I was trapped into talking (tomorrow) to the Sons of Norway lodge I belong to; they want to hear about my childhood in Japan.  I kept saying it wasn't Norwegian based but they didn't listen.  So I've been spending time getting slides scanned in for this talk.  

I haven't broken a leg, yet, so guess I will have to go and talk tomorrow (sigh).  

However, I thought I'd share some of the pictures (again) that I will show.

Hope you enjoy and hope the lodge enjoys tomorrow.

 This is an actor from the Kabuki theater - it is a young male, posing as a young woman.  No women acted in Kabuki.

 This is one of the largest Buddhas in the world, as you can see by the people walking up the steps.
I have been to this one and walked inside and stood in the hands of this Buddha.

 This is a bathroom in a tourist spot - we stayed here one week.
The stool is the porcelain item in the floor - you squatted over it and then flushed it when done.
More modern than just a hole in the ground like most county people had.

When we left Japan, we flew past the famous Mount Fujiyama - Dad took this picture from the plane.


Magickafoot said...

you will be awesome!!!!!

Love the pic of the giant Buddha.



Far Side of Fifty said...

I have heard of those bathrooms in the floor..not too different from outhouses..but outhouses are more comfortable:)