Monday, October 24, 2011

A "New" tractor

We have had an Alys Chalmers tractor for several years; when Norm got it, I questioned the size - I felt it was too big for what we have to do here.  But he wanted it - and, yes, I did, too.  It is the model tractor that my uncle had when I was growing up.  However, it has given us trouble from the day we brought it home ... transmission going out,  starter going bad ... on and on and on.

This last Spring, brother-in-law Wayne sold Norm his tractor - a McCormick Farmall.  He finished paying it off on Saturday and drove it home.

Now we will hopefully sell the Alys; the Farmall is much easier to run, starts like a dream (if you remember to turn the gas line on!) and drives much easier.  It has a bucket on it for snow removal, too.

Now we need to get a snow blower to run on it so that we will not have to worry as much about the snow and Norm won't have to drive the Farm's tractor here to blow snow.

After we got home with the tractor, we loaded up a kitten and took her to Westbrook to a new home.

As we drove into the lane, we saw a young deer in the front yard.  He (she?) hung around for awhile, then bounded away, so we drove in, got into the house and lo! and behold! there the deer was, drinking out of my freshly filled bird fountain / pool!  And a closer look showed it to be a young buck!

What a wonderful gift!

It has been beautiful these past few days - and sounds like it will be, again, for several more.  You have a beautiful day!

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Magickafoot said...

I can sense how wonderful it must have felt to see the deer Connie - what a beautiful thing to happen!